First look at baby pony born at Tri-Circle Ranch

pony born circle-d ranch

Yesterday on Instagram, Dr Mark Penning posted the first look at baby pony born at Tri-Circle Ranch! Dr Mark Penning, Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment posted on his Instagram page of the new foal born at Tri-Circle Ranch named Obie!

Check out his post below:

This is extremely adorable to welcome a new foal into the herd at Tri-Circle D Ranch. As the post reports, Obie is due to join a herd of 28 other ponies alongside his mum, Lady! It’s great to hear that Obie is healthy and already running “around the field”. Obie has a wonderfully, magical future as he will join his sister, Lilly, and their father, pulling Cinderella’s pumpkin coach in parades and Disney’s Fairytale Weddings throughout the resort- what a magical job!

This isn’t the first pony to be born at Tri-Circle Ranch, as back in June 2020, Violet was born, a lovely filly born to the beautiful mare Elsa! We love that the Tri-Circle D Ranch is growing and we can’t wait to hear more about Obie and Violet! Ever wondered what the ranch looks like, well check it out here!

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