First Disneyland Customer Enjoys A Lifetime Of Magic

Ever since the Disneyland opened its gates in 1955, the park has been an epicenter for creating magical memories for many guests. One man in particular has creating some magic memories of his own since his first experience with Disneyland. Dave Macpherson was the first customer to enter the Disneyland gates back in 1955. To this day, Dave is still creating magic memories every year at the park.

First Disneyland Customer Enjoys A Lifetime Of Magic

Back when Dave MacPherson was just 22 years old, he was studying at Long Beach State College. While Mcpherson was a student, he heard all the buzz surrounding Disneyland finally opening. Before its official opening day to the public, Walt Disney opened up the park to family, VIP’s, and other esteemed guests. After seeing the festivities on television, Dave decided that he would be the first of public to enter the park.

First Disneyland Customer Enjoys A Lifetime Of Magic

Next, at 2 am, MacPherson took a 10 mile motorbike ride from Long Beach to Anaheim. He started the 1st queue at a ticket booth. A few hours later, he purchased the first ticket and got to be the first to enter Disneyland‘s gates. Not only was he the first customer of the park, he also received a lifetime pass to use at his convenience!

First Disneyland Customer Enjoys A Lifetime Of Magic

Ever Since, Dave MacPherson has returned to the Happiest Place On Earth to celebrate! Now he enjoys his annual visit with his wife and his friends. Over the years, he’s definitely made enough magical memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. I have been visiting DisneyWorld in Florida since the 70’s and go every chance I get! Have also been to Disneyland as well. My son did the Disney college Program in Orlando and met his soon to be wife there. We have celebrated many special occasions with Disney such as our Honeymoon, college graduations, the birth of our boys even bought a brick to help pave the walk around the World. We are true Disney fans! Can’t wait to visit Disney in Paris soon. The one thing that I would love to do is tour underground Disney and behind the scenes of the Haunted Mansion.

  2. Hi I’m Bettyjean. I would meet all disney the princess. Mickey mouse. Goofy, Donald duck all of them. Rides attractions. In gifts shop. Food places. I would enjoy the surrounding around me. Intake the landscaping. Watch artist drawing….

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