Finding Pascal’s Friends in the Tangled Tower and Village

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Pascal's Friends

The Tangled area in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is filled with all kinds of wonderful details. Observant guests can find Rapunzel’s paintings, wanted posters, and even Maximus’ footprints! Pascal’s hidden friends are my favorite of all the fun details in the Tangled area.

Located just past the tables and chairs in the phone charging area, you will find a beautiful garden filled with flowers, greenery, and even a small stream. Ten of Pascal’s chameleon friends have made this garden their new home. They can be seen lounging about on rocks near the stream, in greenery, and even on nearby buildings.

As you would expect, these chameleons do a great job of blending in with the scenery around them! I’m sure I looked right at several of Pascal’s friends before I ever noticed them starring back at me. I won’t spoil all the fun of searching for Pascal’s friends, but here’s a photo of one of his friends hiding under a nearby planter.

Pascal's Friend Under Planter

Searching for these hidden chameleons was such a fun experience and one I highly recommend. After a few minutes of searching, I was able to find six chameleons hiding in the garden. Next time you’re in Fantasyland, be sure to say hi to Pascal’s friends.

Have you had the chance to search for Pascal’s friends yet? Let us know how many you were able to spot in the comments below!

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