Feel Merry With This Traditional Yule-Log Complete With An Oriental Flair at Epcot

If you’re tired of the same old holiday cuisine year in and year out…Shi Washu Holiday Kitchen at Epcot has a surprise for you! With each pavilion in the World Showcase creating vintage and unique specialty Christmas items for guests to enjoy, the Japan Pavilion is offering up festive goodness with an oriental flair.

If you’re familiar with a traditional yule-log, you already know how delectable and rich these annual treats are. Why not get adventurous and try the classic treat with a bit of Asian influence? Head on over to the Shi Washu Holiday Kitchen in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot to try a not-so-familiar version of your classic yule-log.

The Holiday Green Tea ‘Yule Log” is a exquisite pleasure with complex green tea flavors built right into the traditional spongecake you’d expect. Rolled up with a whipped cream filling, this holiday favorite is sure to leave your taste-buds begging for more. Served with fresh strawberry, cream, and a nice fruity sauce…it’s a great option for those that have become bored with the humdrum fair that the holidays has to offer. Unique and beautiful…it’s sure to leave you pleased as you eat your way around the world.

So, as you devour your way through the Christmas goodness at Epcot, be sure to stop in and check out this fascinating take. It’s a beautiful, different, traditional, and just plain delicious option. Pop in today and give it a try. We promise that you’ll enjoy the picture-perfect dessert and leave in 100% Christmas satiety!


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