A few of my favorite Disney Pandora Charms

There has been a surge or Pandora charms released on the Disney store lately, with having a Disney Fashionista in the house with me we talk about all the different charms Disney releases all the time, well she talks and I just nod my head 🙂 With Christmas coming and my fiance loving Pandora I thought this would a good time to highlight a few of the charms I was thinking about ordering as a Christmas present. Shh don’t tell her…

''RunDisney'' Charm by PANDORA

Being a runner I thought she might like the ”RunDisney” Charm.

Ariel Shell Charm by PANDORA

Who doesn’t love, I like how sparkly this Ariel Shell Charm by PANDORA is. They need a dinglehopper one!

Cinderella Heart Charm by PANDORA

The quote on the Cinderella Heart Charm is one of her faves!

Cinderella Wish Charm by PANDORA

It is so hard to pick just one Cinderella Charm and I know she loves this blue gemstone.

Epcot ''Spaceship Earth'' Charm by PANDORA

Epcot has a special meaning for us and we both like Spaceship Earth! They need a Food & Wine charm!

Snow White Apple Charm by PANDORA

The Snow White Apple Charm
 is a throwback to the classic film and just really cool looking.

Belle Enchanted Rose Charm by PANDORA

Finally Belle Enchanted Rose Charm
 would go with the engagement ring I gave her.

I looked on the Disney Store and honestly there were over 50 designs to choose from so narrowing this list down was hard. Tell me which one you like the best in the comment box below…

Oh and if you haven’t started collecting Pandora Charms yet might I suggest this Wonderful World Bracelet by PANDORA – 7.1” to get you going. I picked this up for her at the D23 Expo and she always has quite a few charms already!

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