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  3. 12


    It’s about time they figured this loop hold out. If you want to take advantage of the perks then pay the price like the rest of use do.

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  6. 11

    Jean Rogo

    I am always amazed to learn of the many ways people abuse the system.

  7. 10


    I totally agree with the new policy.

  8. 9


    Seems lime common sense to me!

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  12. 8


    That is how it should be. I always stay legit at the resorts-Movies-Woohoo!!

  13. 7

    Jenna Harrell

    I’m surprise that it didn’t already work this way

  14. 6


    Great idea! I am legit staying at AOA next month and was bummed I couldn’t get Snow White or Slinky Dog. Maybe this will help in the future.

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