Fans petiton Disney to bring PB&J Otter to Disney+

PB&J Otter Petition

Do you remember the animated show PB&J Otter? The popular Disney Channel show ran on TV for a total of 65 episodes. Many fans of the TV series are hoping to see the show brought to Disney+ streaming service soon.

The petition’s message includes the following text:

Oodelay! To anyone who has seen PB&J Otter and has became a fan of it, then you can help me make the whole entire series available on Disney+ by signing in this petition! Most of the episodes are still either lost or found by many fans including myself. This series used to air on Playhouse Disney (1998-2005) and Disney Junior (2012-2014) and was also on Watch Disney Junior App and Website (2016). When Disney+ was launched already, not only did it had technical issues and some of the movies are already missing, but some of the shows are also missing too. PB&J Otter is one of them. So if you want to see more lost episodes of PB&J Otter, then I highly suggest you should sign this petition and it’ll be sent to Disney companies who work on Disney+! When you use your noodle, you can do anything! Let’s just hope this works.

Would you like to see the classic Disney Channel show brought to Disney+? Despite the vast library of shows available, it’s surprising this children’s show isn’t available yet on the streaming service. It’s a delightful show made for children. Many of today’s preschool age children would enjoy seeing it return!



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Kevin Koszola