Just Say NO to Fanny Packs!

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No Fanny Pack

I was born and raised in a tourist town. Just like the pick-pockets in Europe know, there is one way to spot a tourist. No matter where my friends and I went, whether strolling along the beach or shopping in the shops downtown, we could always pick them out of a crowd. No, they didn’t wear funny hats necessarily, nor did they incessantly ask us for directions; they were wearing fanny packs.

The high school I went to was pretty normal for normal people, but do something out of the norm like wearing a fanny pack and you were doomed. Fanny pack was spelled N-E-R-D and if there was one thing none of us wanted to be, it was a nerd.

There are some things you just can’t seem to change your attitude about. I still refuse to wear a fanny pack. I know people who wear them, like my mom who is  nearly 76, and to me that is allowed. For me, though, they look ridiculous; plus they bring unnecessary attention to the tummy and hip area (something I can live without at my age).

That is why I am sharing some ideas on great fanny pack substitutions today. You are sure to look groovy if you use one of these babies instead.


This is the way I visit the parks. Everything I need fits nicely into the backpack and it looks perfectly normal while feeling very comfortable. When I get into my favorite rides, I just step through the strap and it is as secure as if it were wrapped around my waist.


Just Say NO to Fanny Packs!

Some Disney visitors swear by this bag. It holds just about everything and is handy for the things you want to access quickly. It has several pockets, credit card slots, pen and lipstick holders, a mirror, detachable ID and coin holder, etc. Pretty hand in this messenger bag style.

Disney Messenger Bag

Just Say NO to Fanny Packs!

These are too cute, aren’t they; and how appropriate. They have organizer pockets, card slots and a zippered outside pocket for ease of getting to your key to the kingdom. You can even have them personalized at disneystore.com.

If you are a female who insists on wearing a fanny pack, then more power to you. But, if you are old school like me, I hope these suggestions might help you to figure out a good alternative.

Whatever you decide, happy touring!

Just Say NO to Fanny Packs!


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13 thoughts on “Just Say NO to Fanny Packs!

  1. The comment re pickpockets in foreign countries is incorrect, in fact it’s just the opposite. Fanny packs and backpacks are easy “picking” for pickpockets. Valuables, like passports, money, credit cards, and plane tickets, should be concealed under clothes, preferably in two or more locations. This info was learned the hard way!

  2. The fanny pack is my friend, especially it Disney. Mine is a smaller than average, black model so it doesn’t draw too much attention but is the perfect size to hold my park ticket, a lip gloss and some wipes for the kids. It has served me well throughout 5 Disney vacations and counting!

  3. I think fanny packs are nerdy, too. Here recently I’ve been thinking about how convenient they seem…but I can’t bring myself to wear one, no way! >_<
    But I did wear one when I went to Disney World in 2005, but I didn't know any better, I was just 8!

  4. I don’t see where you got that he was just trying to get people to by Disney merch. He mentioned one thing that was Disney related. Last time I checked, he didn’t work for Disney either. He’s just pointing out a big no-no when it comes to fashion. Again, those who don’t know any better are usually the culprits of wearing this flashback from the 80’s (I had one when I was a kid in the 80’s…).

  5. I’m a nerd, yet I refuse to wear a fanny pack. Chip isn’t much older than me, so to our generation, fanny packs are reserved for tourists, the elderly and those who don’t know any better 🙂

  6. My oldest daughter just “graduated” from Elementary School. The principal gave a speech in which she said “Be a nerd. Nerds go far in life. Popular people are only popular for a flash. And remember… the popular people usually end up working for the nerds.” I’ll keep my fanny pack, thanks.

  7. Wrong. I can name about 50 things wrong with fanny packs. Let’s start with, the most obvious…It’s not 1985 anymore!

  8. This is totally true. I use mine like a messenger bag and I can access to it very easily. A friend of mine has travelled to 4 continents with one of these low profile bags. I wouldn’t call her “nerd”, rather “smart”.

  9. I love that fact that usually when you see someone with a fanny pack it is worn in the front…why the name “Fanny Pack” should be “Belly Pack”

  10. everyone in the park is a tourist for goodness sake. this is just trying to get people to buy disney merchandise. there is nothingwrongwith fanny packs.

  11. I actually take a money belt when I go to DIsney for things like room key and park pass. It sits nicely under my clothes and cannot be seen.

  12. If you want to travel light and hands free (and relatively safely in a foreign country), then by all means, fanny pack it! They’re really hard for pick pockets to take anything from, especially when worn in the front! I’m headed to Honduras in March, definitely taking mine along. For Disney, no, not so much. We take a zip top bag or backpack that is handy for everything!

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