The Many Face Lifts Of Cinderella’s Castle


The world around us has changed so much in the past 40 years. Some for the good and some not so much, but we have bad it through it all and come out better for it. Thankfully the same can be said for spotlight of Walt Disney World….Cinderella’s Castle.

In 1971 Cinderella‘s Castle opened it’s enchanting doors for princesses young and old to come and discover their inner child and twirl in front of and stare it in awe. Standing at 189  feet towering over the Magic Kingdom how could you not stand in awe of it’s majestic beauty. Boasting 15 blue peaks and 3 gold it is one of the most magical pieces of architecture places ever built.

The next 24 years the castle didn’t change much other than a basic maintenance touch ups and the peaks slowly turned a slightly darker blue. In 1996 year 25 for Disney World is when the World decided to do something bright, bold and a little sweet. Disney decided the castle should take a bath in pepto pink and it was sweet enough to get a tooth ache. The 18 blue peaks turned into 18 swirls or whip cream. The whole castle was fit to eat and even had a cherry to finish it off. The castle was left this was left this way for a year and a half before Disney got a tummy ache and decided to change it back to it’s original shade of stone gray.

The people must have loved the change because Disney decided to try their hand at redecorating again just 7 short years later. Disney topped all of the glorious peaks off the gold swirl caps and placed golden statues of some of the most iconic and loved characters around the edge of the castle in honor of Disneylands 50th anniversary. It was a beautiful sight and made and made a subtle yet gorgeous change to the iconic castle. The changes only lasted one year and were removed in 2006

The very next year is when Disney went all festive and decorated the castle for Christmas with over 200,00 shimmery beautiful lights. One Christmas at Disney and you will see why mouse fans flock back yearly to see the castle.

Although the castles colors change often thanks to the amazing lights and projectors that Disney has these are the biggest changes that have ever happened. Being that the castle is the most photographed structure in the world she has every right to dress up and show off every once in awhile.

Do you have a favorite castle photo or castle story that warms your heart?

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