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    Robert Taylor

    Back in April 2012 when I proposed to my wife now then girlfriend few days after we went to see Mickey behind the stage Minnie Mouse happened to be with them and I asked Minnie Mouse when he was going to propose to Minnie Mouse since I did at Walt Disney World with to my wife he turned Walked away in shame and I told Minnie Mouse since she lowered her head in sadness that in some countries men can have two wives so you you can come with me and she grabbed my arm and we started to walk it was a wonderful moment thanks to Disney we all had fun

  2. 26

    Laurel Grams

    When Russell and Dug were still new, my daughters went up to Russell and did the hand sign for The Wilderness Guides. Russell starting jumping up and down. He was so excited someone knew it! Another visit, my girls wore shirts with Wreck It Ralph on them. When we met him he was so excited to see th r shirts. This last trip we did the Ohana character breakfast and they had waffles with Stitch on them. Stitch saw one and pointed at it and then himself. We told him our daughter had eaten one with him on it and he looked shocked! He gave her the shame, shame signal. We cracked up!

  3. 25


    I will be there in November and will definitely try some of these !

  4. 24

    Lisa Howery

    My 4 year old likes to “shake her tail feathers” at Donald when she sees him. Gets a great reaction every time.

  5. 23


    On the Disney Cruise, my three boys became part of Peter Pan’s “Lost Boys crew” and he sent them on different missions to have fun with the other characters. He told them to wait in line for Tiana and when it was their turn to start hopping around like frogs and ribbit and tell her Peter Pan sent them. She was cracking up. Peter also had them do the ‘tick tock’ to Captain Hook who ended up running down the hall. They also had some fun with Aladin about what was faster, a magic carpet or pixie dust. The Peter Pan missions were one if their favorite things about the cruise. Also Donald Duck is one of my son’s favorite characters, so he always tell him he is #1 which always gets a great reaction.

  6. 22

    Mindy Fowler-Huerter

    Last year my son Jake (9) on his first ever Disney trip met Jake from Jake and the Never land Pirates. I told him to go up and introduce himself. Pirate Jake made such a big deal over it using hand signals and going my name too. My son loved it.

  7. 21

    Laurel McComesky

    We got Tigger to dance Gangnam style with us. Also had Gaston’s attention with some specially made t shirts, and we had fun for awhile. At MNSSHP, Captain Jack was a lot of fun when I was dressed as a tourist zombie. The civil war ghost quartet with me in the same costume was my absolute favorite from the trip. They were amazing!

  8. 20

    D C

    Worked with Mary Poppins!

  9. 19

    Jennifer Hanterman

    One of my faves is when we were at the character supper at Goofy’s Kitchen this summer. We had dressed both of our girls in Minnie Mouse costumes (complete with ears!) not knowing if Minnie would be there or not. Well, we were so pleased that she was there and she acted so excited to see the girls dressed just like her. She even put her hand up to her mouth like she was speechless. The girls (7 & 2 at the time) were thrilled that they had made Minnie so happy. I just love the picture of the three “Minnies” together.

  10. 18


    We asked Meeko where Pocahontas was and he mimed rowing and scouting, it got us all laughing

  11. 17

    Becka Lyn-Terror

    One night I was by myself and decided to Meet Rapunzel and Snow White at the new Princess Hall in MK in WDW and had the best interaction with them. I have bright red hair and they loved it saying I was related to both Ariel and Merida. At one point I was talking to both at the same time and had a conversion for about 10 mins. That’s what is great Disney and about being the last person to see them for the night.

  12. 16


    We went to the character dining at Epcot’s Garden Grove. Chip and Dale were there, and it was a riot! They went up to my brother and pretended to pick bugs out of his hair. My husband had a jet ski t-shirt on at the time with LOONEY TUNES characters. You should have seen them go after my husband for wearing that shirt. They gave the “shame shame” gesture, shaking their heads and wagging their fingers at him. I love character dining and interactions! Stitch is probably our favorite-one year it was raining and he started nibbling on our jackets, and when my son asked him if he wanted coffee, Lilo had to pull him back and pretended to hold him down because he started jumping up and down and clapping. Once he stuck my son’s Magic express toy bus and cars in his ear. So much fun!

  13. 15


    I love asking Sleeping Beauty what her favorite color is…. Also telling Peter Pan I am from Texas… the LONE star state. I’m not really from Texas but it gets a great response! ;D

  14. 14

    Cynthia M

    Actually, I saw a post online where the Mickey character was talking using the same technology that they have for Turtle Talk at Epcot – so hopefully one day soon all the characters will have voices again! 🙂

  15. 13

    Kellye Smith

    We asked Anastasia to sing “Sweet Nightingale” at 1900 Park Fare and her very loud obnoxious rendition was exactly like the movie and highly entertaining! Although we went back the next year and a different Anastasia wouldn’t sing. Also at 1900 Park Fare, my youngest son made a weird face about the same time Prince Charming walked up…Charming made the same weird face and said it was the face he makes when he’s in the castle to scare the mice away. If you’d have seen the face they made you’d understand just how hysterical it all was. The Prince Charming incident is one of my boys favorite memories!

  16. 12

    Audra Grosso

    We didn’t know that Donald signs his autographs with a “#1”. My hubby was wearing a blue football jersey with a yellow number 1 on it. Donald saw it and got all excited, pointing at the shirt and pointing at himself. Since my hubby LOVES Donald, he was quick to agree, saying “Yes, you’re #1 with me! That’s why I wore this!”. Donald patted him on the back, and then did a really excellent pose with my hubby. It’s one of my favorite pics from the trip. 😀

  17. 11

    Jake Simon

    I’ve been told that they don’t do this anymore. 🙁

  18. 10

    Keshia McClain Carwile

    As a “use to be” character performer/friend I can say how frustrating it is to be behind a mask and NOT have a voice. Not very fun! Also YES it is very very hard to get up and sit down in those costumes. They are super heavy and it is VERY hot inside them. So please be kind and DO NOT lean on the characters!

  19. 9

    Betsey Whitehead

    tell Mushu he is the cutest little lizard you have ever seen. I did this at dca once and it resulted in an amazing bit of wordless improv that had the crowd just howling and we got some great pics with mushu and my daughter

  20. 8


    Thanks for pointing that out! I corrected and updated those to clarify.

  21. 7


    We’d love for you to share it on the Chip and Co Facebook page so we can all see it!

  22. 6

    Carri McDonald Rowan

    The poor fur characters. I know they wish they still had their voices. Darn cartoon land to reality transfer. I hear they have so many witty comebacks but just can’t get them out. I hope Disney figures out a way to make all of our great big cartoon furry characters able to talk to us once they hop out of their shows each morning.

  23. 5


    We have done the Eeyore tail one. It is really cute. I have a great pic of my daughter pointing and acting surprised at seeing it.

  24. 4

    Elizabeth Smock

    some of these seem rather rude–I understand calling Captain Hook a codfish, but telling poor Eyeore you didn’t see him? Whatever does the poor guy do?

  25. 3


    A couple of these don’t specify who your talking about…

  26. 2

    Christina Struck

    Or, ask Rapunzel where Flynn Rider is today. So funny!

  27. 1

    Jill Smith Cannaday

    This is great, thanks for sharing I can’t wait to try some of these.

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