Have a Little Extra Fun with Disney Characters on your Next Vacation!


I’m sure many of you have seen the picture going around Facebook that shows if you yell “Andy’s coming” in front of any of the Toy Story characters, they will fall down. Which is untrue. Disney put a stop to that as it was scaring small children. Not to mention for the cast members in the costume getting up and down is hard work.

Having said that did you know there are phrases you can say to other Disney Characters at the Disney World and Disneyland theme parks to elicit a fun response?

For the princesses:

  • Ask Ariel if you can be a mermaid
  • Ask Aurora if she likes to take naps
  • Ask Belle for a book recommendation
  • Tell Belle that Beast is very big and scary
  • Give Snow White an apple
  • Complement any of the Princesses on their dresses

For the Toy Story characters:

  • Ask Green Army to march with you then pose with a great salute
  • Tell Buzz he is a toy…a  T. O. Y. toy!
  • Ask Buzz if you can push his reset button
  • Ask Buzz to go into Latin mode
  • Ask Woody if Andy’s name is on the bottom of his boot

Mickey’s gang:

  • Propose marriage to Daisy or ask for a kiss
  • Ask Donald why he doesn’t have as much stuff in the parks as Mickey
  • Ask Donald why he doesn’t wear pants
  • Tell Donald you like his performance in the Aflac commercials
  • Ask Goofy if he’s ever taken Pluto for a walk
  • Ask Minnie if Mickey has given her a ring yet
  • Tell Pluto he should get a never-ending supply of dog bones

Pooh & friends:

  • Ask Eeyore where his tail is
  • Tell Eeyore “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you there”
  • Ask him if he would like a sausage biscuit or BLT
  • Ask Pooh why he doesn’t wear pants
  • Ask Pooh where you can locate some honey because you have a rumbly in your tummy

Other favorites:

  • Stand behind Captain Hook and go tick tock, tick tock or call him a codfish
  • Ask Chip and Dale which one is Alvin and which one is Simon.  Ask where Theodore is at
  • Ask Lady Tremaine (Cinderella’s Step Mother) which daughter is her favorite
  • Tell Mary Poppins that you heard only Mary Poppins can say   “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards
  • Greet Peter Pan with a loud “Cock a doodle doo”
  • Bring Rafiki a Simba plush.  He’ll lift it up like in the movie
  • Ask one of Cinderella’s Step Sisters to sing
  • Ask the Step Sisters which is the pretty one
  • Offer your son to marry one of the step sisters
  • Ask Stitch what his badness level is
  • Tell Thumper to stay out of your flower beds

Have you ever tried one of these? Which was your favorite? Share some of yours in the comment box below.

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