Epcot is Hosting Several Merchandise Events Through the End of the Month

Epcot Shopping

Still have some last minute holiday shopping to do?  The limited time special merchandise events at the merchants throughout Epcot could be the answer to getting some of the gifts crossed off of your list.

  • Through Dec. 31: Future World – Art of Disney: Special event character sketches available for purchase
  • 12/12-17:  The Puffin’s Roost – Norway pavilion: Geir Ness Fragrances & Beauty Products,
  • 12/13-18: Italy pavilion: Prada complimentary gift with purchase of $85 or more
  • 12/14-23: Art of Disney – Future World: David Doss signing
  • 12/15-17: The Queen’s Table – United Kingdom pavilion: Penhaligon Fragrance and Beauty Products
  • 12/19-22: The Puffin’s Roost – Norway pavilion: Larry Dotson signing
  • 12/22-24: The Queen’s Table – United Kingdom pavilion: Yardley Fragrances and Beauty Products
  • 12/26-30: The Puffin’s Roost – Norway pavilion: Larry Dotson signing

Remember these are special events and they can be modified or cancelled at any time.

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