Which Electronics Should I Pack For My Disney Trip?

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Packing for vacation can be complex – especially when it comes to figuring out what are “needs” and what are just “nice to haves” on the packing list. When I head to Walt Disney World, there are some items that are always on my list – sunscreen, comfortable sneakers, sunglasses, etc…the list is not a short one. But one thing that is short is the number of electronics on that list – if I don’t 100% need it, I don’t bring it. Read on to find out what are my “must have” electronics and what I choose to leave home when heading to Disney:

Gotta Bring:

-My smartphone, which has of course been pre-loaded with the My Disney Experience app. Not only do I recommend you download the app, but before your trip you should take some time and play around in it, make sure you know how to navigate easily through the different screens (this will save you precious Park time since you won’t have to fumble around checking wait times or ADR information!)

-A Digital Camera – even though I take most of my pictures on my phone these days, I still prefer a separate digital camera for character interactions, and for general Park pictures – the quality is better, and its easier for Cast Members to operate while they are taking your picture. There’s also a lot more options when it comes to lighting, modes, etc – so if you want some pictures that you can blow up and frame, a separate camera is the way to go

*DON’T FORGET: memory cards, chargers, extra batteries/battery packs, and make sure you also follow these helpful tips on conserving battery power to help keep your electronics working for you throughout your trip. Bring something to protect them while at the Parks too – thick cases or padded bags work well, and some Ziploc baggies to protect them from rain/wet rides are a good idea too

Leave These At Home:

-Ipad/Tablet: I have seen tons of people taking pictures/videos on their Ipads at the Parks – and I just can’t help but think “WHY?!” – why bring something that expensive not only on vacation but to a theme park, and why bring it out in a huge crowd and hold it up over your head to take pictures? It just seems silly to me – I would much rather leave it at home where it’s safe from harm

Laptop Computer: I know a lot of people like to immediately upload the pictures they take on their digital cameras to Facebook or other social sites – but bringing a computer to do this is unnecessary – it’s big and bulky, and if that’s the ONLY thing you’re going to use it for, why can’t you just do that all at home after your trip? You can always upload pictures from your phone too – the quality may not as good, but it’s a lot easier than bringing along your computer

Now, there is ONE BIG EXCEPTION to the rule of leaving these items at home – and that is if you’re taking a long car ride or flight to get to WDW – you will want your kids (and you!) to have something to do during those (many) hours of waiting. Make sure you pre-load some games/movies/books/apps onto your device, and make sure it’s fully charged and ready to go when you are. A rule of thumb here is to leave it in your WDW Resort room – you can lock it in the safe if you want to, and that way it’s secure and away from the elements

Bottom line is, you don’t want to waste space bringing something you don’t really need, and these electronics are expensive – so who wants to run the risk of losing or damaging them? Not me! I say when in doubt, leave it at home! You’ll want to be as free as possible from distractions (electronic and otherwise!) to allow you to enjoy your amazing WDW vacation!

Which Electronics Should I Pack For My Disney Trip? 1

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Which Electronics Should I Pack For My Disney Trip? 2 Which Electronics Should I Pack For My Disney Trip? 3 Which Electronics Should I Pack For My Disney Trip? 4 Which Electronics Should I Pack For My Disney Trip? 5 Which Electronics Should I Pack For My Disney Trip? 6 Which Electronics Should I Pack For My Disney Trip? 7
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