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While Christmas is the favorite holiday for many families, at my house, Easter is the winner. We love everything about it-  new flowers, baby animals, coloring Easter eggs, and chocolate! To celebrate our favorite holiday and springtime’s arrival we decided to add a little Disney touch to Easter and create some of the fun Easter eggs on Disney’s Spoonful.com. After all, if there’s anything better than a basket full of Easter eggs, it’s an Easter basket full of Disney Easter eggs!

We chose to make 8 of our favorite Disney friends into Easter eggs. The supplies needed were mostly items that we already had on hand or were easily found at our local store.



The supplies included:

1. Printable templates

2. Glue sticks

3. Construction paper/Cardstock (Various colors)

4. Blue ribbon

5. Blue felt

6. Hard-boiled eggs

7. Fine-tipped black marker

8. Blue-green, white, lavender, and black craft paint

9. Small doilies

10. Cardboard paper towel tubes

11. Small white buttons (2)

12. Small paintbrushes

13. Scissors

Even though it isn’t on the list, any time we make a Disney craft, Disney music is required also but that may just be us! The process of decorating the eggs was pretty simple. After you print out the templates and cut out the individual pieces, you get to the fun part! For each character, you simply paint your hard-boiled egg the color of the character and then glue on the various template pieces.

Here are some helpful tips from our crafting adventure:

Cheshire Cat, Mickey and Minnie Mouse: These were definitely the easiest characters to create. They could probably be made a younger child with little or no help.

Goofy,Pluto,and Perry:These three were also pretty simple although there are a couple of additional steps involved in their designs. According to our official family vote, Perry turned out the cutest of everyone!

Perry 4


Donald and Daisy Duck: This lovely duck couple was the most challenging of all. While I love Donald deeply, I have absolutely no sewing skills and his hat for this craft was tricky for me. I’m sure this was due to my lack of sewing prowess though. I am proud to say that we didn’t give up and we did make him a cute hat for him to wear proudly! These two would probably be most easily done by an older child with some grown-up help.


This was a really fun way to spend some family time together. It was great to find something new to add to our traditions. We loved talking about some of our favorite Disney memories and of course planning our next trip!  What do you like to do to get ready for Easter? I would love to hear about your favorites!

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