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There is truly something for everyone at Disney World. This magical place doesn’t just give us castles, fireworks and Mickey Mouse. It brought us the opportunity to Drink Around the World. If you enjoy a drink or 2.. try 11 at Epcot’s World Showcase. Thanks to Disney we can take a shortcut around the world in just one day and see some of it’s beauty. The World Showcase has 11 different countries; Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. They are filled with unique cuisines, attractions, and shopping, so why not add some imported exotic drinks to the mix? This experience has gained quite the following. So, whether you are Crawling through the Countries, Stumbling around the Showcase or Conquering the World make this a safe victory to remember! Best part is you can attempt this all year round! No special event needed. If you are sharing this day with your family don’t worry we can still pull this off. Share the drinks or alternate countries with your partner so you’re not literally crawling out of there. Stop and go on a secret mission with Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure or take breaks and visit the characters at their locations for the kids and even buy a Passport for you both. Kids can do the stickers for you while you get closer to your accomplishment. Get a map and become familiar with the restroom locations, grab a camera, some waters and let’s get this party started..



Margaritas! They are all over and a great way to start! Your taste buds can enjoy Lime, Mango and Strawberry. If you’re really feeling lucky or going with a group, stop by La Cava del Tequila and get a Tequila flight. Munch on some Chips and salsa or Guacamole while you’re there listening to some Mariachi music.



Norway was quick. The upcoming Frozen attraction replaced The Maelstrom, but yet to open. So we stopped at a beer cart and grabbed an Einstök While Ale and was on our way! *If you’re dining at Akerhshus, you will have to enjoy a beer before or after your meal, they don’t offer beer.


Right by the lagoon is a beloved place called Joy of Tea. They have a few choices such as a Tsing Tao beer, but I enjoyed the specialty cocktail the Canto Loopy. It is vodka and cantaloupe juice. I would also suggest getting something to put in your stomach. Even if it’s not big. You can grab something at Joy of Tea or Lotus Blossom Cafe.



This pavilion is really everything you would expect when you picture Germany and has so much to offer. At the Weinkeller store you can sample select beers and wines and also buy bottles to take with you. Since there are so many different beers, try a Beer Flight. I went to a beer cart and heard so much about the Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit I had to try it, and I’ve got to say, you have to try it. It’s quite delicious. Enjoy some authentic German treats like a bratwurst or a hand made pretzel!



Mama Mia! Where better to dine than Italy! We took a break and sat down at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria. We got a delicious pizza that was made in a wood burning oven. I also very much enjoyed my drink, a frozen Strawberry Limoncello. Italy also has Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, which if you need to get out of the sun for a bit, look around they have plenty of wines, cocktails and beers. Again getting a flight could be the option best if you had a group. My husband tried the Birra Moretti and said it was refreshingly sweet and very smooth.

United States (American Adventure)

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Savor this moment. You are past the half way mark now. Admire the colonial-style architecture and embrace your patriotic side. Across the World Showcase promenade on the lagoon is the outdoor stage and amphitheater known as the America Gardens Theater. Head over to Fife & Drum Tavern and grab a Frozen Red Stag Lemonade (Or of course you can try the seasonal Sam Adams or a good ole Bud light) and take in a show. Voices of Liberty, perform American folk songs in the rotunda of The American Adventure. (Performances are Wednesday through Sunday.)  They can also be found on the outdoor stage at America Gardens Theatre Mondays and Tuesdays, singing arrangements of popular American songs.  If you’re in the area and have a few minutes, this group is definitely worth checking out. American Music Machine, performs on the America Gardens Theater stage Wednesdays through Sundays in the afternoons.  They sing newer hits and a must watch for us. Rest up, use the restroom, drink some water, grab a big turkey leg or stuff your face with a funnel cake and get ready to go back out in the world and hit your home stretch.



If you haven’t eaten a full meal yet, Teppan Edo is a Popular dining location. Otherwise, take in the sights, dance to the beat of the drums and savor a Tokyo Sunset. It was delicious. Or try a frozen beer. Then while you’re running up a tab, spend another $17 and Pick-A-Pearl and don’t miss  Japan’s Mitsukoshi Department Store with all kinds of Japanese merchandise.



Next on our tour is Morocco. I didn’t go with anything outlandish, just a good old Strawberry Daiquiri and had to try imported Casa Beer. Stop by the Tangierine Cafe, show off in some Moroccan wear or move on to our next stop.



One of my favorite countries along with one of my favorite drinks. Stagger on over to Les Chefs de France and a must try on the list is the legendary Grand Mariner Orange Slush. Sip, to avoid a brain freeze, and stroll around taking in the breathtaking French culture. Delectable bakery treats await you in the back of France.

United Kingdom


Make the trip across the pond, follow the cobble-stone roads and right to the nearest pub. Rose & Crown. You can go inside and enjoy or even to the beer stand outside. I enjoyed Crabbie’s Cloudy Lemonade. It was actually a type of beer, but could be a refreshment even for non beer drinkers. Just a strong lemonade.. with alcohol content. Don’t worry though, there is no shortage of alcohol selection here.

At this point, since we are in the UK, let’s have some fun and try saying “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. If you utterly failed, it’s alright. There is a place tucked away in the back of the pavilion that could be a perfect spot for taking a quiet break. Collect yourself and drag yourself to our final stop.



Can you smell victory? It’s one drink away! Stop by the popcorn cart and grab a Canadian beer. Moosehead or Labatt Blue is a new favorite. It should be later in the evening so while you’re celebrating your triumph you just may see fireworks. Literally. If you’re lucky you can enjoy your last drink or two during a show of Illuminations. Debating on how inebriated you are try your best to stand proud. You have participated and completed “Drinking around the world.”

Few Tips:

Have a DD or stay onsite. Do not attempt to drive, please.

Go in with a game plane. It makes it easier to accomplish when you make time for food and know where the potty is.

Stay hydrated. Heat AND Alcohol = Lots of water!

Pace yourself. You will have numerous opportunities to have a drink. You do not want to be hugging the toilet in the good old US Pavilion.

Everyone loves a good time and sometimes that includes alcohol. Behave and just have fun. Most importantly be safe. You know your limits, if you need to finish on another day.

And good luck!

Have you attempted to Drink Around the World? Any tips or stories from your adventure?

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  1. People use their cell phones and drive as well, that is just as dangerous. Every time you get in a car you are at risk, whether there is alcohol at Disney or not.

    Go ahead and keep smoking, but please do it only in designated areas. I don’t want to inhale it. Again, smoking impacts me in a way I can’t prevent, having a drink does not.

    We could go on and on, back and forth. You aren’t going to change my mind, in the moment someone smoking in public, outside designated areas, impacts my health in unavoidable ways whereas alcohol does not.

  2. You standing next to me drinking alcohol does not impact my health, you standing next to me smoking a cigarrete does impact my health.

  3. Be our guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom serves beer & Wine, Animal Kingdom serves all types of alcohol, from wine to Jose Cuervo Gold, Tune-in Lounge at Hollywood Studios sells alcohol, and of course EPCOT and downtown Disney along with all the resorts. I can’t think of any where at Disney that you can’t get drunk at if you want. You don’t even have to sit in a designated area to do it at you can walk down the ‘streets’ and no one cares. But try walking down Main Street smoking a cigarette. Sorry to say drinking is hazardous to others, the drunks get in cars and drive away. Usually the innocent families that these drunks run into die, not the drunk. Animal Kingdom is down to two smoking areas, Magic Kingdom is down to around three. DTD use to be smoker friendly, now it’s down to like four places. Just last month a drunk climbed the Mexico exhibit, never seen a smoker do something like that, only a drunk.

  4. Alcohol is only available at EPCOT, not in all the parks. And it’s not really promoted by Disney but rather just allowed because the different drinks are a large part of the culture in their respective countries. Having your small child near a drunk might be annoying and unseemly, but at least it won’t be hazardous to their health. Designated smoking areas are pretty standard, so it’s not like Disney is doing anything different than any other amusement park in that respect.

  5. It’s strange how drinking is promoted by Disney, but yet they shove the smokers off in the corners. I’d rather be around smokers than drunks. At least you can walk away from smokers, drunks will follow you around.

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