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    Jodi Whisenhunt

    Excellent advice! I agree, especially for the first visit, let Disney take you where you need to go until you have a good feel for the place. We’ve been 5 times so far and still get lost sometimes when we try to drive ourselves 😉

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    Jodi Whisenhunt

    How exciting! If you are staying on Disney property and are flying into MCO airport, you don’t have to rent a car unless you feel you need to. Disney’s Magical Express can take you and your luggage directly to your resort (your travel agent or Disney Travel will need your flight info). Once onsite, WDW Transportation can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go on property. The thing to remember is that you cannot go from resort to resort aboard WDW Transportation, but buses DO run from all Parks and Downtown Disney to and from all resorts. The monorail only runs between Magic Kingdom and Epcot OR Magic Kingdom and its surrounding resorts and the transportation & ticket center.

    If you still desire to rent a car, you will be given a parking voucher to place on your dashboard that gives you free parking at the Parks. Some people prefer to drive their own vehicle, especially if they have a lot to carry with them, like strollers, wheelchairs, baggage, etc. Although, WDW Transportation is very accommodating and caters to those with such needs. Some people simply prefer the comfort of their own vehicle. If you decide to drive on property, do keep the map handy and follow the signs to your destination. And above everything else, have a great time!!!

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    Been to WDW 16 times. We have both rented a car and totally relied on Disney. It depends where you are staying and your Disney experience. Newbie… rely on Disney its too complicated. Once you become seasoned and have focused plans, a car may not be a bad idea. Parking is not that difficult if you know what you are doing. For instance, plan to self park at the Yacht and Beach Club go into the hotel, grab a bite to eat/shop and then enjoy Epcot or MGM!

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    So this is all for if you are staying at a Disney Resort?
    We are going in May for the first time and I’m overwhelmed and confused with all that I need to understand. Flying to Orlando and renting a car.
    Any help would be appreciated?

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    Jodi Whisenhunt

    Considering where you’re staying, you’ll probably get to Animal Kingdom quickly either way! It’s probably somewhat faster to drive, but you will have to navigate your way around, park in large lots, and either take a tram or walk in to whatever Park you go to. Buses will have multiple stops along the way, and sometimes there are long waits, especially if it’s a high crowd day. For my family, we prefer the convenience of the buses/monorail/boats. It removes us from the outside world and keeps us in the magic, you know?

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    What’s faster a bus from a resort (we’re at the Animal Kingdom Lodge) or driving to the parks?

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    What’s faster a bus from a resort (we’re at the Animal Kingdom Lodge) or driving to the parks?

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    Jodi Whisenhunt

    We almost always drive to get there, and then our car stays parked. It’s nice to have it IF we needed it, but we’re like you. Disney Transportation is part of the experience and it’s always worked out well for us.

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    Deborah Ragno

    We drive to WDW and the car doesn’t move again until we go home. To us, riding the various forms of Disney transportation is part of the Disney experience. However, my brother-in-law’s family always drives — and then rents a car while they are there because they don’t want to use Disney transportation! To each his own.

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