DIY Beaker Bottle Planter

beaker bottle planter

Meep! It’s a Beaker Bottle Planter! 

Looking for new ways to help the environment? Well what about getting some inspiration from The Muppets and craft some bottle planters!

Making one is super easy and fun. This time we will make one inspired in Beaker! Cute right? And the best thing is you can recycle things you already have at home! Take a look:


  • 2 liter bottle
  • Scissors
  • Peach colored paint
  • Large paint brush
  • Green sock
  • Template
  • Cardstock or paper
  • Colored craft foam
  • Hot glue
  • Soil
  • Seeds


  • Step 1: Cut off the top third of the bottle

  • Step 2: Paint the bottle using the peach colored paint

  • Step 3: Place the green sock onto the bottom of the bottle and cut off the excess

  • Step 4: Print the template. You can find it here! Then cut out the pieces.
  • Step 5: Using the colored foam, cut out the shapes and then glue them to the bottle to create Beaker’s face!

  • Step 6: Once everything is glued, fill the planter half way with soil, plant seeds and water

Once you are done you can donate your little Beaker Bottle Planter to a community center or garden! If you like to learn about how to help your community, you can do it at 

Have fun crafting and creating a brighter tomorrow!

Credit: Disney Family

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Ana Leal