Disney’s Robin Hood Bluray Review

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Thanks to our friends at Disney, I got a chance to preview Walt Disney’s (and mine) beloved classic Robin Hood on Blu-ray and, it was amazing.

“To commemorate it’s 40th anniversary, Disney proudly presents the unforgettable animated classic Robin Hood on Blu-ray for the the first time ever. Experience all the fun, thrills and celebrated music of this legendary adventure with perfect picture and sound!”

“Join Robin Hood, his trusted companion Little John and his hilarious band of Merry Men as they outfox greedy Prince John to save the good people of Nottingham. Dashing from one daring deed to the next, Robin won’t rest until he wins the hand of Maid Marian and restores Kings Richard to the throne. One of Disney’s most beloved movies is even better on Blu-ray Combo Pack!”

It was a favorite of mine growing up and now my kids are loving it as well. In the Blu-ray version the movie comes alive in a whole new way, with sharper images and brighter back grounds. We did notice that you can really see the black outlines when the characters move, since it was done 40 years ago and each one was hand drawn, but that just made it all the more better. It gives you a new respect for the “retro” movies.

The film is narrated by a rooster named Alan-a-Dale, voiced by country hall of fame inductee Roger Miller. He explains the classic story Robin Hood and Little John living in Sherwood Forest, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor townsfolk of Nottingham. The Sheriff of Nottingham and his posse try to catch the two, but fail time and again. Meanwhile Prince John and his side kick Sir Hiss are running England while Prince John’s brother, King Richard is off on the crusades. Prince John is extremely greedy and immature, he even sucks his thumb every time his mommy  is mentioned.  Robin and Little John manage to rob the prince, forcing him to put a bounty on their heads and turning his Sheriff into his personal tax collector.

Prince John hosts an archery tournament, with the prize being a kiss from Maid Marian, hoping to draw Robin Hood out into the open. Robin disguises himself as a stork and wins the tournament, but is discovered and arrested for execution, despite Maid Marian’s pleas. Little John threatens the Prince and a fight ensues, allowing Robin to escape into Sherwood Forest with Maid Marian. They fall in love during a celebration where the townsfolk mock Prince John, describing him as the “Phony king of England”.

Enraged by this insult, Prince John triples the taxes resulting in most of the town being imprisoned for tax default. The final straw for Robin Hood was when Friar Tuck was arrested and sentenced to hang at dawn, so he plans a jailbreak. Chaos follows as they are able to free the townsfolk from prison, and lighten Little John’s coffers of all the stolen gold. Robin barely escapes back to Sherwood Forest with Maid Marian and everyone else.  King Richard finally returns home, sentences his brother and his cohorts to prison time and sees to the marriage of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, who live happily ever after.

There are lots of bonus  features including an alternate ending, an art gallery showing how they came up with the concept of animals for the characters, sing along with the famous “Oo-de-lally”, and so much more.

One of my favorite bonus features is “Ye Olden Days” cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse. Originally released in 1933 it stars Mickey Mouse as a Minstrel, with Minnie Mouse as the Princess and Dippy Dawg (before he was known as Goofy) as the Prince. I am very glad they included this as a bonus feature,  it’s true classic Mickey Mouse.

Over all, once again Walt Disney didn’t disappoint by opening the vault for this one. It brings new life to an older movie and introduces a new generation to Robin Hood and Little John. Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally, Golly What a Day !

Is Robin Hood one of your favorite movies? Are you excited to see this classic come out of the vault? If you run out and buy it, let me know what you think of the new updated version.

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