Disney’s Magical Express Contractor to Layoff 204 Employees


A new company is taking over the Magical Express contract Starting June 1. ASIG filed a notice with the state of intent to lay off 204 employees by the end of May. So that means that around 200 employees might not have a job much longer. Although it has been said that the new company will probably re-hire most, if not all of the former employees. An Orlando company called Bags Inc. won the new contract with Disney in a bidding war recently.

The Magical Express is always very popular, and it just grows in popularity more and more every year. I am sure many of you are questioning if the level of service will stay the same, well we know Disney only accepts the best as far as guest services go.

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Disney’s Magical Express Contractor to Layoff 204 Employees

  1. What about the other buses in WDW? Are they still under contract with Mears or is the new company taking over the works?

  2. Sorry for those people losing their jobs. Hopefully, they will get hired back at a decent wage. Disney has had a very spotty record with outside contractors, especially when it comes to cost down efforts. I certainly hope that service, wait time, and overall experience do not diminish with a new, less expensive company. Think, Disney stores in the 90’s, not a good move. Disney tends to keep the experience, even if it means higher costs, so hopefully that holds up here.

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