Disney’s Letters with Pooh – App Review!

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Letters with Pooh is one of the better Disney educational apps that I’ve seen! My 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter enjoyed playing it, and it was age-appropriate for both!

The Letters with Pooh app has 3 chapters. Each chapter begins with a brief read-a-long story followed by an activity geared towards helping your child learn and recognize letters within the alphabet.

Chapter One focuses on line tracing with a story line of helping Pooh find the bee hive where the honey is. Children will trace both straight and curved lines to help Pooh go in the correct direction and at the same time children are practicing skills to correctly write letters.

Chapter Two focuses on real letter writing. Each letter of the alphabet is displayed for tracing. Each letter that is sufficiently traced will earn you one balloon. As soon as enough balloons are earned, Pooh can “fly” to the top of the tree where the hive is and collect his sweet treat of honey!

The goal of Chapter Three is for children to recognize letters. This is done through a few fun games. Children can match letters with those displayed on a picture to “color” it. Children are also asked to find the lower case letter of the upper case letter displayed and collect it in Pooh’s honey pot.

A bonus section allows children to decorate scenes from Winnie the Pooh with “stickers” that they’ve earned throughout the game.

Best of all, there is a Parents section in this app, where you can preview your child’s progress! See how many letters they can recognize, properly trace, and which lower-case letters they can pair up with their higher-case counter-parts.

It was certainly neat to see which letters my son could recognize as he’s in the midst of figuring out the Alphabet. My 4-year-old daughter’s report card showed that she had completed more activities accurately than my 2-year-old son could – but that’s to be expected. My daughter already knows the alphabet, but this app was still helpful in regards to her penmanship – figuring out the proper way to write letters is what she needs now, and this app is great for helping her gain that skill!

I definitely recommend this app for any parent with children aged 2 to 6. It’s certainly worth the low price of $1.99!

You can buy the Letters for Pooh app or find out more general information from the iTunes store.

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