Disney’s Big Hero 6 Movie Preview


Walt Disney Pictures held a media preview for its newest movie “Big Hero 6” at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on Saturday, November 1st.   Playing to a packed theatre, the film starts out with an illegal game of robot fighting where young Hiro (Ryan Potter) competes and wins against the big guns.  Following a run in with the thugs and the consequences from his activities, Hiro finds himself in his brother’s lab where he meets Tadashi’s friends and fellow “Nerds”.  Hiro also discovers his brother’s latest invention, Baymax (Scott Adsit),  a gentle and squishy health care robot.   Inspired by the visit and excited to be accepted into “Nerd school”, Hiro comes up with an incredible invention using tiny bots and after a successful presentation is accepted into the school by the famous professor, Robert Callahan (James Cromwell).   Hiro and Tadashi (Daniel Henney) share special moment only to be interrupted by an explosion where Tadashi in an attempt to save Professor Callahan, dashes into the burning building right before it explodes.

Heartbroken and angry at Tadashi’s death, Hiro puts off starting school and spends his days locked in his room.   A mishap activates Baymax who has been stashed in the corner of the brothers’ bedroom.  This event also allows Hiro to discover  that his microbots may have not been lost in the fire.  Setting off with Baymax and a lone microbot, Hiro has a run in with a masked villain, Yokai  and learns the fire that killed his brother may not have been an accident and instead a way to cover up the theft of his microbots.

Determined to catch the masked man and find out the truth, Hiro programs and turns Baymax into a flying, fighting hero and along with his brother’s friends, Go Go Tomago (Jamie Chung) a tough and athletic adrenaline junkie who develops electromagnetic wheel axles.  Wasabi (Damon Wayans, Jr) neat freak and an expert on laser cutting. Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez)  the chemistry whiz with a touch of mad scientist.  and my personal favorite nerd, Fred (T.J. Miller) a comic book fan and school mascot at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, the Big Hero 6 are born.

Big Hero 6 is full of heartwarming moments and the traditional Disney story line we all love.  The music and special effects were just enough to enhance the storyline, without making it too harsh or intense.  The relationship that develops between Hiro and Baymax made the movie an automatic hit with my fellow movie goers.   To quote several young movie fans – 4 year old Sebastian of Sherman Oaks and Alexis and Kaycee MIller of Santa Clarita all agreed,  “the movie was great!!!”  and Baymax was their “absolute favorite new character”.   Big Heros 6 characters and accessories including the all new Disney Infinite  – Baymax and Hiro will be at the top of young Disney / Marvel fan holiday lists.

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