Disney’s Beach Club Resort Carousel Entirely Made of Gingerbread

Disney’s Beach Club Resort annual carousel entirely made of gingerbread has been completed. When you walk into the resort the delicious smell of spice and candy immediately hits you.  The carousel is made by the Yacht and Beach Bakery and Engineering Team for the 19th straight year.  The entire structure, which actually rotates around,  is made from 36 pounds of honey, 96 pounds or bread flour, 100 pints of egg, 10 pounds of spices, 10 quarts or simple syrup, 150 pounds of icing, 50 pounds of dark chocolate, 50 pounds of modeling chocolate, and 200 gum paste flowers.  Another fun tidbit is the carousel has 19 hidden Mickey’s you can try to find throughout.

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Heather Adamczak
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