Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Late Night Review

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After our last excursion to Raleigh to see Disney’s Alice in Wonderland ending in a flop.  I patiently waited out the week to make a second pilgrimage to see this Tim Burton film. The same crew from Chip and Co made their departure from Greensboro to Raleigh again. After a yummy dinner at Bahama Breeze and some interesting parking troubles we made it to the IMAX theater.

I was surprised at the number of people in line for a 10:50 Friday night showing. Unfortunately nobody was dressed up in costume. The closest thing to a Disney item was the Dooney & Bourke Disney purse Anne’ was carrying. The theater wasn’t to packed and I was perplexed at after the little IMAX intro there were no movie trailers. I am glad I didn’t have to look at a bunch of commercials either!

Note – I am not going to give away any of the movie so you don’t have to worry about spoiler alerts in the upcoming section.

Mia Wasikowska does a fantastic job as Alice. She is very soft spoken but really a great fit. Her struggle with believing in herself works well in the movie and ends with her overcoming her fears.

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter is by far the star of the movie. His character has so many levels and is very complex. Not just around for comedic relief he really adds a interesting story line to the overall plot. It was cool to see what exactly a hatter does too. FEZ!

The struggle between Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway makes up the overall plot of the movie. There are several funny scenes with both actresses. There is nothing like a warm pig belly 🙂

Crispin Glover is great as Stayne. I kinda wish he would have been more evil. Tim Burton had a chance to really make his character be truly unliked but went middle of the road. You felt sorry for him at the end for the fate that was dealt to him.

All the supporting characters were very funny and interesting. The Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee / Tweedledum, and Dormouse really add some interesting twists, and comedic relief to the movie. One of my favorite in both the original movie and this one is the Blue Caterpillar. Alan Rickman is smokin and there is no mistaking his voice. The first time he spoke my wife asked me isnt that Snape from Harry Potter 🙂

Seeing the movie in IMAX was by far one of the highlights for me. There weren’t a lot of parlor tricks or 3D gimmicks. It was very subtle and nicely done. I actually felt myself move out of the way of plants or trying to look around corners.

The girls thought the makeup was very cool and mentioned maybe getting some of the clothing they are selling at Hot Topic. I wish I would have picked up one of the Mad Hatter Mouse Ears that Jon & Anne’ purchased. Stay Tuned for a picture by picture unveiling.

I don’t think I would let children under the age of 10 to see it as it is quite dark. There isn’t any violence but I would image it would be quite scary for little ones.

A notable highlight is how they tie the original movie and this one together. Jon stated that is they way the books were. For me the movie reminded me of Hook. They way the character comes back to Wonderland only to find it in ruin. I don’t want to go any deeper to reveal the story.

Overall I would give the movie a 9 out of 10. The sights, sounds, and complexity of the characters were great. The story line really works and I can’t really think of one thing I didn’t like. From the minute the movie started till the moment it was over I was engulfed in this film. Not many directors can pull this off but I believe Burton achieved this with flying colors.

I am glad there is not going to be a long wait to own this movie on DVD or BluRay. I don’t own a bluray player but when this movie comes out I am thinking I might go and buy one just to see this movie in High Def.

Alice will be an instant classic and a great movie to add to my Disney library.

Check it out!!!!

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