Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to Get an Overhaul

On January 7th, Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain is set to close for the better part of the year as it gets a new paint job, tracks and vehicles.

This is the third major refurb of a ride at Disneyland in as many years. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been open in the Frontierland section since 1979. The ride is themed as a runaway train that speeds through the Old West and is a park favorite.

The overhaul does include new vehicles similar to what Disneyland did with Matterhorn’s Bobsleds earlier this year. The new vehicles have received mixed review that the seats are cramped and provide little support or cushion.

A spokeswoman for the park said Big Thunder Mountain will get new trains, but they will probably resemble the existing trains, with no major changes to the seats.

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