Disneyland takes recommendations from county health dept after tour of theme parks

Last week Orange County Health Care Agency officials took a tour of the Disneyland Resort theme parks. After the tour, Disneyland adopted a host of COVID-19 health and safety recommendations from the agency.

Orange County Health Care Agency Director Clayton Chau and the agency’s Communicable Disease Control Division Medical Director Matthew Zahn offered those recommendations after touring Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to observe the safety measures implemented by the parks.

We have been engaged with Disney for the reopening of their theme parks,” Clayton Chau said. “Both Dr. Zahn and I have walked the parks to evaluate their plan as well as to give our recommendations.”

Chau and Zahn have worked with the California Department of Public Health, California Health and Human Services and Gov. Newsom’s administration on reopening guidelines for California theme parks.

“In conversations with CDPH and health officers from counties that have theme parks, I have advocated for theme parks to be safely reopened in Tier 3 — the Orange Tier,” Chau said in a statement.

The Disneyland Resort theme parks have been closed since March. The parks remain closed while waiting for the state to issue reopening guidelines. Governor Newsom recently said he is in “no hurry” to issue those guidelines.

“I have been working closely with Disneyland since May,” Chau said in a statement. “We were involved in conversations with them for the reopening plan of Downtown Disney.”

According to Disney officials, county health agency officials have taken the time to visit Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney to see and learn first-hand about the extensive health and safety protocols that have been implemented.

Some of the COVID-19 health and safety recommendations Disneyland adopted include:

  • Adding Spanish language signs with health and safety protocol information
  • Placing ground markings outside restrooms to help minimize cross traffic
  • Installing additional hand sanitizing stations at attractions

Disney officials appreciate local health officials visiting and say they look forward to working closely with them. Thousands of coronavirus health and safety measures will be installed at the Disneyland Resort theme parks to prepare for their eventual reopening.

Source: Orange County Register

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2 thoughts on “Disneyland takes recommendations from county health dept after tour of theme parks

  1. The total blame for all this lies solely on the A holes in Washington D.C. If honesty & action had taken place starting in March, we’d all be living somewhat normal lives by now. Governor Newsom has done a great job. He stood up to & resisted T-rump’s lies to make sure we here in California stayed safer. I don’t know what the problems were that Disneyland had, but I hope when it does reopen it has all the same strict rules that WDW has. Usually, we would have been at Disneyland at least 5 times since March. We really miss it & all the great cast members there.

  2. It’s the state of California and officials who are to blame. Their agenda is to let all good business go to ruin. They don’t care that good people are laid off. They don’t care about families who go day by day on a paycheck. They want people to get on Welfare to show the other side that it’s their fault. Look at WDW, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, they are OPEN!! They are much bigger than Disneyland yet they are
    OPEN. No excuses California!! Get your people back to work!!

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