Disneyland Paris Powered by Solar!

Disneyland Paris has revealed plans that it is considering building a massive solar power plant, which could supply up to 15% of the electricity to the parks and beyond! Disneyland Paris has been hoping to build a solar power plant since it was first mentioned to The Independent (A British Newspaper) in 2010.

Similar to the recent opening of the facility in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which is projected to generate enough renewable energy to power two out of the four theme parks there. Therefore, plans are hopeful that this renewable energy source could contribute to running two of the Disneyland Paris parks, especially with the planned expansions on the way!

The documents reveal that Disneyland Paris has “initiated the steps to develop a park of photovoltaic panels on the visitor parking to generate 33 Gigawatt hours (Gwh) per year representing around 15% of the electrical energy currently consumed. This project is however subject to the agreement of the Regulation Energy Commission.”- Forbes.

Previous plans were considering covering its main car park with canopies coated in solar cells that could also collect rainwater. This plan would help reduce water consumption and use the solar energy on site or sell it back to the grid. However, current plans are now focusing purely on solar power, with emphasis on the development of clean energy.

Furthermore, five years ago, Disneyland Paris opened a waste water treament and recycling plant, making it the only European theme park of its kind to do so. Every minute it produces around 1,389 litres of recycled water, which is used for cleaning the streets as well as filling the resort’s waterways, irrigation system and cooling the towers of the power plant! According to Disneyland Paris, the plant has helped save more than 1.1 million cubic metres of water, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of 7,384 French families!

Similarly, last year Disneyland Paris opened the doors to the 440-acre eco-resort called Villages Nature, in partnership with France’s leading vacation apartment rental company Pierre et Vacances. With more than 900 apartments set amongst a beautiful woodland setting with a sprawling lagoon. This village is special as it is powered by geothermal energy, which covers all of the heating requirements including keeping the lagoon at a pleasant 85 degrees! According to documents, Disneyland Paris uses this energy “to serve the Parks and the tourist area with a production of 20 Gigawatt hours (GWh) / year representing 20% of our corresponding needs. This renewable and sustainable energy source produces no greenhouse gases.” It will help Disneyland Paris significantly reduce its carbon footprint and has a financial benefit too.

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