Disneyland Paris Planned Expansion Set to Create 1,000 Jobs!

According to the telegraph.co.uk, Disneyland Paris’s planned expansion hopes to create more than 1,000 jobs, double its visitor capacity and triple the number of hotel rooms by 2030. Disneyland Paris is Europe’s most popular attraction, drawing 15m visitors annually. Half of the guests come from France followed by Britain representing 28% of the total.

In February, the Walt Disney Company unveiled a £1.8bn expansion of the Walt Disney Studios Park, with it adding lands inspired by Star Wars, Marvel Comics and the Disney animated classic Frozen by 2025. When Disneyland Paris was agreed in 1987, Disney was given a plot of land almost a fifth the size of Paris. However, only half of the land has been developed on so far, yet Disney has until 2030 to complete this master plan before it expires. The Park’s objective for the 77-acre development is to “double theme park visitor capacity by opening new attractions in the two existing parks and possibly building a third theme park”- Disneyland Paris consultation report.

Disneyland Paris hotels boast to be the fifth largest hotel complex in France with 5,800 rooms across eight properties. According to the recent data, the average spending per room is £205 with annual occupancy of 77%. The new attractions should draw more guests to the park and, in anticipation to this Disney plan to build a further 14,700 rooms on a site, north of the A4 motorway which links the resort to central Paris.

The Walt Disney Studio’s expansion is set to begin next year. According to the consultation report, “more than 1,000 direct jobs will be created, in attractions as well as shows, catering, stores, support functions and administrations… It has been observed since the beginning of the establishment of the tourism destination that for one direct employment created three indirect jobs are created. We hope that this dynamic will continue for this project”. Furthermore, the report also adds that “Euro Disney will be calling upon numerous local, national and international suppliers to implement and ultimately run the project. The company currently works with 3,000 suppliers and has spent over €13.7bn- 82.3% of that total in France”.

Between 2013 and 2016 Disneyland Paris invested £541 in its facilities, which has been a success! Latest accounts for the operating company Euro Disney Associés show an increase in revenue in September 2017, rising 16.6% to £1.3bn, the highest since the resort opening in 1992!


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Tessa H