Disneyland Closure costing Southern California Economy $5 Billion Dollars

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The Orange County Register is reporting that the Disneyland closure is costing Southern California $5 billion. So far the closure has cost the Southern California economy $3 billion and will cost another $2 billion through March 2021 if the parks remain closed.

Economists from Cal State Fullerton made those estimates based on work sponsored by Disneyland a year ago that attempted to quantify the resort’s economic footprint.

Fullerton estimates a loss of 46,000 Disneyland and related jobs in Southern California. So many local businesses are impacted by the Disneyland Resort closure.

Anil Puri, director of the university’s Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting, said, “It’s substantial; it’s not peanuts.”

Puri also said it might not be until late 2021 that the tourism business returns to a more normal pace, “but it depends on how you and I behave.”


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