Changes to Disneyland Christmas Parade this year?

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Hey peeps – Anonymouse here with just a little snippet of gossip from the Disneyland Resort.  So I hear that there are some changes coming to the Disneyland Christmas Parade this year.  Apparently, as you all know, FROZEN has taken over the parks and is pushing its way into the Holiday Parade too.  What I hear is that the Ice Skating float with Mickey and Minnie is being replaced with a FROZEN float.

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Then I hear that Mickey and Minnie are going to replace Mrs. Claus on her float (sad face).  Of course it makes sense that Mickey and Minnie are somewhere in the Parade, but poor Mrs. Claus!  There is also a FROZEN holiday soundtrack being added to the Parade.

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Personally, I love the Christmas Parade.  The skating snowflakes, the dancing reindeer, all of the holiday themed floats just put me in the Christmas spirit – even when it’s still 80+ degrees in November in Anaheim.  LOL

What do you think of the rumored changes?  Let me know your thoughts below.  I’m off to bribe, errrrrr, I mean convince more cast members to join me on the Dark Side to bring you more information!

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One thought on “Changes to Disneyland Christmas Parade this year?

  1. I honestly think that those changes are a huge mistake by the park. I’ve done that parade almost every year and to put in Frozen where Mickey and Minnie are is just so wrong on all levels. Give Frozen their own float and leave the rest alone. So disappointed that Disney would even consider this.

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