DisneyJunior’s DuckTales has teamed up with Geocaching to provide a unique experience!

Disney Junior’s DuckTales has teamed up with Geocaching to provide a unique experience!

Disney has teamed up with Geocaching to provide children and adults of all ages a unique experience!  Huey, Dewey, Louie, along with their good friend Webby, from the hit Disney Junior show Duck Tales, are in for an epic surprise as they embark on a globe-trotting adventure and treasure hunt after they discover that their Uncle, Scrooge McDuck, is the one-and-only trillionaire treasure hunter.

In the classic cartoon re-imagined Huey is the oldest brother and often referred to as “the responsible one”. Huey is quite the explorer, always testing his mettle, and will one day earn his Adventurer’s Merit badge.  Dewey, the second brother in the dynamic trio is always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. Dewey, who is nicknamed “The Guts” of the family, is always quick to throw himself into dangerous situations without thinking. Louie is the youngest of the three brothers, but don’t let that fool you. Louie is a quick-witted, fast thinking duck who has a knack for charming his way into, but not always out of, danger. Lastly, Webby is an adventurous duck who has an encyclopedia of knowledge and amazing self-defense skills that make her a perfect addition to the Ducktales family.  Throughout their Geocaching trip, with the help of Geocachers like you, the Ducktales gang will embark on globe-trotting adventures and treasure hunts, uncover family secrets, and face dangerous enemies to prove that family is the greatest adventure of all.

Geocaching, is a popular extracurricular activity that allows user to use GPS coordinates to track “hidden treasure”.  Geocachers will start by visiting the Geocaching website to create an account. Once an account is created you will select “Play” on the top left, then click “View Map”.  You may be prompted to enter in your city and state. From there you will click on the green boxes to start your quest. However, once you find your Geocache box you will take what’s in the box, but be sure to leave some other treasure behind for others to find!  Whether you are an individual embarking on these adventures or have created your own team, Geocaching is a simple and fun activity that can last for hours.

Which is why Disney has provided Geocache with 5,000 Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby trackables to be used all over the United States.  Many individuals have already received their trackables and started the gang on their journey to find adventures and treasure. To find the trackables already in play visit https://www.geocaching.com/promotions/promo/ducktales/ at the bottom of the page on the map.  As you start on your journey, be sure to document the adventure of one of the four gang members by entering the trackables into the Geocaching website into the trackable logs.  Once that has been completed be sure to share you latest finds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #DuckTalesCache to allow others to follow along on this adventurous journey!

Photo credit by ABC and Geocaching. 2018

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