Disneyland Service: Guest Assistance Cards

I’m not quite sure how this kind of service works at Walt Disney World, but down here at Disneyland we offer Guest Assistance Cards to park guests with some kind of physical limitation, such as limps, back problems, etc. The Guest Assistance Card is a great alternative to renting a wheelchair, as the card allows the visiting party to use the same handicapped entrance.

Guest Assistance Cards are free and can be obtained at City Hall on Main Street, or Guest Services in California Adventure. You’ll be asked a few questions, like what your condition is. Your Guest Assistance Card is good for up to six people, including the card holder, in your party. If there are additional members in your party, they must wait in the standard queue line.

Not only do these cards cut down on possible physical pain and exhaustion, but they may cut down your wait time as well. It depends on the kind of crowd that day, and the popularity of the attraction you’re trying to ride. These cards are not intended for immediate access to an attraction, but may reduce your wait time.

Also, if you’re staying at the Disneyland Resort for multiple days or you’re an annual passholder, you can ask the cast members at City Hall/Guest Services to extend the length of time the card is valid. You can also keep your Guest Assistance Card and bring it back to City Hall/Guest Services to be renewed the next time you visit the parks.

Guest Assistance Cards should ONLY be obtained by those with actual physical limitations. We’ve all seen the people at the parks who get a wheelchair even though they can walk perfectly fine, and it’s pretty annoying to the rest of us. Having a Guest Assistance Card is a privilege, not a right, so don’t try to weasel your way into getting one if you don’t need it. Leave them for the people who truly need them.

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