Disney World Quick Tips – Travel Bag Must Haves

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Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves

As the mom of 3 boys between ages 11 and 4, I’ve been toting a bag of some kind around with me wherever we go for years.  While we’re finally out of diapers and my load has lessened, there are still some things that always go into my Disney park-hopping bag when we’re in The World:

Sunscreen – Nothing ruins a trip like too much sun.  We apply in the morning when we’re getting dressed, but I still carry sunscreen in my bag in a Ziploc bag, to reapply later in the day.  Sunscreen needs to be applied at least 20 minutes before exposure, and doing it in the room lets me wash my hands before heading out.  It needs to be reapplied every 2 hours or more frequently if you’re in the water.

Hats for everyone – I can’t always keep hats on my kids, especially if they’re riding rides, but I keep a stack of ball caps in my bag and try to keep them on their heads as much as I can.

Ziploc bags – These things are my secret weapon!  I always have several sandwich, quart and even gallon sized Ziploc bags, all folded up and secured into a single quart sized bag in my tote at all times.  If the 4 year old has an accident, a gallon bag is the perfect place to put soiled clothes. If the 8 year old doesn’t eat all the grapes or fries on his lunch plate, a sandwich bag is a great place to stash them so when he says he’s hungry 30 minutes later I can hand him the rest of his lunch.  I’ve even been able to help out strangers by doling out bags, so you really can’t underestimate their usefulness.  They weigh next to nothing and when enclosed in a single bag, they stay tidy.

Change of clothes for the youngest – We’re potty trained, but sometimes when there’s so much going on it’s easy to ignore the signs until it’s too late.  I always have a change of clothes and 2 pairs of underpants, folded and secured in a gallon Ziploc bag to keep them together and clean. It beats having to go back to the room to change!

Meds and first aid – In a small zippered cosmetic bag I keep the following essentials:  Neosporin To Go, at least a dozen Band-Aids (Disney-themed, of course!), chewable Tylenol, chewable Benadryl, and kids Pepto chewables.  The chewable meds come in blister packs, and I cut the dosing instructions off the back of the box to keep in the cosmetic bag in case I need to refer to it on the go.

Hand sanitizer and sani-wipes – Sometimes you need the liquid, sometimes you need the wipes.  Both are available in small sizes in the travel section at Target or Wal-Mart, so I pick up both to keep my bag stocked for whatever mess comes our way.

Tissues – Napkins are good for wiping hands and faces, but not noses.  Ouch!
Napkins – I keep a stash of Disney napkins in (you guessed it!) a Ziploc bag, because it seems like we’re never near a snack stand when we need some.

Baby Wipes – Even though we’re out of diapers, these are great for freshening faces or tidying up before dinner if you can’t get back to the room for a shower.  I buy the travel sized packs whenever I can find them, and they’re appreciated by kids and parents alike!

The Mommy Hook – Think of a great big carabiner clip, and you’ve got The Mommy Hook.  One of the greatest inventions ever, this clips onto the stroller and can hold bags as you shop your way through the park without cramming everything into the bottom of the stroller.  They’re available on Amazon and are well worth the price of around $7.

Snacks – I start each morning with a quart Ziploc bag of snacks for the kids.  These can be cereal or granola bars, crackers, individual serving bags of Cheez-It’s, or fruit snacks.  They know their morning snack will be something I bring, and it lets us save our snack credits for Mickey Premium bars in the afternoon. Disney’s generous policy of allowing guests to bring food into the parks shouldn’t be overlooked!

Each night I go through my bag and restock anything that was depleted and reorganize. It only takes a couple of minutes, and its well worth it to have everything to hand the next day. I currently use a tote bag for the park that I can sling over the handlebars of the stroller, but when our stroller days are done I will switch to a gender neutral backpack that my husband and I can take turns carrying.  My bag never weighs much, and it’s worth carrying to have what we need at my fingertips.

Leslie Harris is a Disney-authorized travel planner with Pixie Vacations and a lifelong Disney addict.  She loves planning trips for her family and sharing her experience with her clients.  You can follow her on Facebook for the latest travel deals and Disney news, or email her at LeslieH@pixievacations.com for a quote on your next trip, which always includes magical extras like Disney gift cards or onboard credits for DCL.

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Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves

Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves

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Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves Disney World Quick Tips - Travel Bag Must Haves
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  1. Kathleen, Get a fanny pack! Most amusement rides ask you to remove your crossover bag and backpack but since the fanny pack is hooked on like a belt, then they won’t ask you to remove it. I never had an attendant ask me to remove my fanny pack but had problems one time with m crossover. I hate leaving my money and cell phone in a locker or with an attendant so I invested in a few stylish (brand name) fanny packs, but you can find cheaper ones online.

  2. I carry all that stuff plus 2 more items! Ponchos and flip flops!!! Just in case it decides to rain for 30 minutes, we will be prepared and not have to spend money buying everyone a poncho in Disney. The poncho is also great for the water rides when you don’t feel like walking through the park and waiting for your wet clothes to dry. Hence, the flip flops! I hate getting into a water ride to only have my socks and sneakers stepping into a puddle of water, so I carry cheap flip flops for everyone to wear. My daughter is a petite 7 year old, so I still bring her stroller with me into amusement parks. Adding these extra items to the bottom of our stroller doesn’t add any extra weight on our back. It just makes our vacation a little more enjoyable 🙂

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