Disney World Quick Tips – How to stay cool and Hydrated

Right around this time of year everyone is looking for ways to stay cool while braving the heat at the Walt Disney World Resort. Some areas of the parks have full exposure to the hot Florida other areas just get really hot from being enclosed and not allowing for much breeze. Whatever the reason lets all just agree it can get quite HOT!

Here are a few tips for staying cool while at the Disney Parks.

  • Wear Light Color Clothing. We all remember this from school dark color attracts sun/heat.
  • Drink plenty of Water! Mio Water Enhancer fits perfect in your pocket and is perfect to add to your water. I recommend the Energy variety of flavors to help keep a spring in my step.
  • Speaking of water. Remember any quick service restaurant will give you a cup of Ice Water for free by law! You just have to walk in and ask!

  • Wear a hat to avoid direct sunlight on your noggin dudes!
  • Save outdoor rides for after 4pm when it starts to cool down some. Just watch out for the Florida afternoon showers. Don’t let the rain get you down.
  • Visit your resort pool in the afternoon for a quick dip.
  • Drink Plenty of Water! Can’t stress this enough!
  • If you get overheated duck into a shop and do some window shopping till you cool off. Try Club Cool.
  • Pour ice cubes down…. oh wait nevermind I wouldn’t suggest doing this 🙂
  • Try using sunscreen with a cooling agent. I have yet to try this Neutrogena product but in theory it sounds cool.


Well that’s just a few tips for staying cool while at the Walt Disney World Resort. Most of these tips people already know others might be something you never thought about before. Either way I hope you stay cool this summer and have fun your at DISNEY!

If you have a quick tip email chip at chip@chipandco.com and he will be glad to share them with everyone.

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