Disney Halts Production on ‘Order of Seven’

It looks like the sting of John Carter’s box office results is still being felt by Disney. According to reports Disney has halted production on Order of Seven. The film, which is a Snow White inspired martial arts epic, had already begun pre-production and director Michael Gracey had planned to being filming in London this summer according to Collider.

It seems Disney wants to look over the films budget although no amounts have been disclosed. The film as also being overseen by former studio head Rich Ross which may also factor in to the delay. The film could still get the green light from Disney at some point. The recently hired two new writers to polish the script. The story, which had a young woman (Saoirse Ronan) in 19th century Hong Kong escaping from her wicked stepmother to take upwith a band of seven warriors. I hope the film does end up getting made, even with two other Snow White films already hitting theaters.


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