Disney World Quick Tips: Planning For The HOT Florida Sun

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Disney World Quick Tips: Planning For The HOT Florida Sun

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, one thing you will *definitely* want to do is plan for the Orlando weather. Overall, I would describe the weather at WDW as hot, sticky, and wet. Oh, and unpredictable – the sun can be shining one minute, and spewing rain and lightning the next.

The “Rainiest” months in Orlando tend to be June-September, keeping in mind though that if it’s humid, it will probably rain at some point (regardless of what month it is). You will definitely want to pack ponchos, and make sure you carry them with you to the parks!

If you’re traveling during the months of April – August, expect it to be HOT – like we’re talking blazing heat in the 80’s or 90’s, with humidity so thick you can cut it with a knife. The rest of the time, the temperatures can range anywhere between the 50 and 70 degree range.

So, How can you prepare for the heat and sun? Well, here are some tips:

Make sure you pack:

  • Sunscreen – this may seem like an obvious item to pack, but I know I don’t always have it in the house if it’s not summer time, so I always make sure to get some for my trip to WDW – and I usually get a higher SPF than I would for home use – the Florida sun tends to be strong, so you may want to get a 45 or higher SPF sunscreen
  • Solarcaine – in case you are prone to sunburns, this will come in handy. Even if you religiously apply sunscreen every few hours, you may still get a sunburn (I know, it’s one of those seemingly impossible things that sometimes just happens)
  • A Hat, preferably one that covers your ears – the last place you want a sunburn is your scalp – trust me. Oh, and your ears, that’s a close second. A hat may not be glamorous, but it saves your head from being overexposed to the sun
  • Light colored, lightweight clothes – you don’t want to get to WDW only to discover you have packed your collection of thick black t shirts – those will only make you feel even hotter while you’re touring the Parks! I recommend lightweight cotton t shirts in light colors. I don’t recommend tank tops, as that leaves your shouders and back/chest exposed to the sun and open for potential sunburns (and a shoulder sunburn can really hurt!)
  • Sneakers and socks – wearing comfortable sneakers and cotton socks at the parks will help ensure your feet are less achy at the end of the day, and it also helps avoid the dreaded sandal sunburn (painful and also highly unattractive!)

While at the Parks:

  • USE the sunscreen – My personal rule of thumb is apply every 2 hours, or every hour if I am sweating a lot, it may seem annoying and tedious, but it’s something you can do while in line for a ride, and it will help you avoid sunburn (which NO ONE wants while on vacation!)
  • Stay hydrated – get a water bottle and fill it often, and remember that if it’s hot you are sweating, so you should be drinking even MORE water than normal
  • Take breaks – a LOT of them – grab a bench under a tree and relax for a few minutes every hour or so, take this time to grab a drink or reapply your sunscreen
  • Refuel – make sure you are eating every few hours, and as much as possible try and make smart snack/food choices (this one is particularly hard for me, as I LOVE all the delicious unhealthy Disney foods, but choices like fruit or salads or water instead of soda can really make a difference in helping you get the vitamins and energy you need to handle the heat!)
  • Shop – no, seriously, all the shops are air conditioned, so stop into a souviner store every so often, if only to bask in the cool air!
  • Be aware of your body – if you feel tired, or you start to feel sick, take a break! At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if you got to ride every ride or see every show, do what you can handle doing, and then do the rest another day. One thing I like to use is to spend mornings at the Parks, and then once early afternoon hits, escape back to my Disney Resort for some lunch, pool time, and even possibly a nap! The afternoons tend to be the hottest time of day, so taking a break and doing something relaxing during this time can help avoid any meltdowns (literally!)

In case you couldn’t tell, I have had a lot of experience with sunburns, specifically Florida sunburns. I hope you all can learn from my experiences and avoid letting the sun get the best of you while you’re visiting Walt Disney World. As for the heat, it’s something you will have to adapt to and deal with, and doing things like staying hydrated and taking breaks often will help ensure that you stay healthy and happy while on vacation in the Happiest Place On Earth!

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Disney World Quick Tips: Planning For The HOT Florida Sun

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2 thoughts on “Disney World Quick Tips: Planning For The HOT Florida Sun

  1. We went to WDW for our Honeymoon, and then again for our 3rd anniversary … both towards the end of July. I’d like to say that we’ve become somewhat of pros at this since the second trip went by so smoothly!
    We don’t do tennis shoes and socks. Makes you feel icky and can sometimes overheat your body. Instead, we went with those sandals that are like tennis shoes (fully enclosed toes and a back padded strap) but are open and waterproof. Much like these: http://www.payless.com/images/167×167/093484_6_167x167.jpg (my exact shoe!)
    Also, along with ponchos, we bought little battery operated fans that you could also fill with water:
    These were a life saver! Found them in the fan section at walmart last summer 🙂 We loved them because they were small enough to carry around, but also powerful enough to still give us a nice breeze to take the edge off of the heat ^_^

  2. We went two years in a row during the 2nd week of September…one was mild, one was sooooo hot! The best contraption was the battery operated water filled fan! Refill as needed…even the shows in the shade (Beauty and the Beast, Indiana Jones, etc) were made better by it. We definately “kept our cool”!

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