Disney World Quick Tips – Parade do’s and don’ts

We love the Disney World parades. Singing along, waving to the characters and of course snapping a few pictures here and there make for a great break in busy park day.

Do you stake out a parade spot or do you just wing as its coming by, like a right place, right time type of thing? We do both, and it depends on the day! Some days we are wrapped up on many others things like, rides, shows maybe a character dinner and the parade can come and go and we are blissfully unaware. Other days I like to plan parade time! I mean lets face it you can get lucky as a parade is passing by and grab a spot and watch all the fun, but most times the parade route is lined with people and if you didn’t get there early well then no good parade viewing for you!

So that point brought up, lets talk about “staking out a parade spot”! Now I know this is a touchy subject for many Disney fans but really common sense should…(I said should) win out here!

1.) Grab a spot early~ I have always tried about 30 minutes before hand to grab a spot.

2.) Check the parade route~ Out of the way places tend to be less crowded, yes watching the parade go down Main Street is awesome, but having a better view and room to move ( in Liberty Square closer to Frontierland) can be just as great!

3.) Get drinks and snacks before you get comfortable in your spot~ Now I know what your thinking, “we can all sit down and send dad/mom for snacks” while the latter is true it will make it easier for everyone if you grab something before hand! Then the designated “snack grabber” doesn’t have to fight their way to and from the spot.

4.) Picture Taking~ Jumping in front of someone to get a picture of your favorite character is just not nice, ask before hand or better yet, see #1

5.) Dont assume…anything! Like “oh little so and so step right here in front of these people with NO kids” biggest um “fight” I ever saw at Disney followed that statement, and it quickly wasnt the happiest place on earth for long for all involved in that . Another one we saw “excuse me, excuse me” as an adult is pushing their child through a crowd to the curb and says “just sit there, I’ll be right back here”… Wait, What!! We had this happen by us once and the child was traumatized sitting with a bunch of strangers and mom & dad no where in sight. Poor kid~ If you have little one’s and you want up front or want them up front…then please by all means see #1

I’m sure some will say “Disney is for kids” and while that may be true, it’s not a place for others to watch your precious cargo or to give up their prime spot so someone elses child can get a better view. Also there are many reason’s that could make it, not a good idea…sometime’s parade crowds can run 4, 5 or 6 people deep and a little one that far out of a parents reach is risky no matter where you go, plus they can’t share the “look mommy its Mickey” look with the stranger behind them, and for parents who squeeze little ones up front and then just…stay there, again please see #1

I also know that some folks are perfectly happy giving up there curb-side seat for someone else’s child, and that is all fine well and good, but keep in mind, not everyone is~ So if you ask and you get a NO please don’t be offended, they may have put a great deal of time in to it, they may have a little one of their own that the spot in front of them is for, whatever the reason respect what they say and move on.

Just as with the rest of your Disney Vacation, plan accordingly and who knows you may get lucky and stumble onto a great spot sprinkled with Pixie Dust~

Whew… Ok all that out-of-the-way here is a list of parades!

Magic KingdomCelebrate a Dream Come True Parade! This is a great one to see all your favorites in snapshots of classic Disney moments with Kermit and Miss Piggy leading the way! This Parade starts at 3pm daily, if you forget what time it starts, just ask a Cast Member what time the 3 o’clock Parade starts! 😉

Magic KingdomThe Main Street Electric Parade is Disney’s nighttime Parade. Filled with your favorite characters, fantasy, whimsy and a spectacle of lights make it a treat for all ages!

Disney’s Hollywood StudiosPixar Pals Countdown to Fun is short but sweet! With your favorite Pixar characters from Monsters Inc, Toy Story and more, it’s a song and dance high energy afternoon parade that will be sure to put some kick in your step for the rest of the day!

Animal Kingdom– Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade! I have to say this is my favorite Disney Parade, from the animal themed puppets, still walkers, drummers and the colorful character jeeps this festive Island parade will have you dancing in the streets!

Just have fun enjoy all the parades that Disney offers and as always use common courtesy and you will have a great time!

Dana is a Disney gal who loves Disney Parades, Shows and Fireworks! You can find her and her peeps hanging out in an out-of-the-way place 30 before start time with drink in hand, mouse ears on and camera ready!

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  1. My most hated parade person is the one that plays what I call parade roulette. They wander the street until a cast member tells them to get out of the street. Then they duck under the rope and voila they are in front, even though the people there may have waited a long time.

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