Disney World Quick Tips – Choosing Your Resort

If you were to ask ten people which resort was their favorite you would get at least eleven different answers. There is no one resort at Walt Disney World that is right for all people but if you know what you are looking for there will be one that is right for you and your family. To give you an idea of what you have to choose from, counting campsites, there are over 31,000 accommodations available at Walt Disney World and those are only on site accommodations.

The best resort for you is simply the one that meets your family’s needs the best. The one item that has the largest impact for most people is cost. There are basically four categories – Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villas. When you are choosing a resort you need to start with what price level fits your budget and compare resorts from there. From that point you need to decide which resort meets your dining, amenity, recreation, and transportation needs and make your choice on the information you have gathered.

This is beginning to sound complex and may seem like an awful lot of work but Disney has a site that allows you make the comparisons you need fairly easily. On this site you can compare categories, location, amenities, dining, sports/recreation, and transportation options. You can find the site right here. Take some time to play with it and you should be able to find everything you need.

Remember, you shouldn’t pay for a lot of luxury if all you plan on doing is sleeping and showering in the room. All Disney resorts are clean and comfortable and even the simplest room meets basic needs beautifully. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


Photo By Disney

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