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    The last two times that I have been at Epcot it has poured rain! On a positive note, it certainly wasn’t crowded! We had a wonderful time-Rain or shine-you can’t go wrong with Disney!

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    Great suggestions. We’ve been at the parks before when the afternoon showers roll through the area and have our Mickey rain ponchos as souvenirs. We’ve braved the rain and stayed at the parks. Spaceship Earth is a good rainy day ride. We’ve also spent a rainy day at Disney Quest.

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    If you are in Epcot, like we were when it was raining on our trip..ducking into shops or riding Maelstrom or other inner rides like that made the time pass and the weather brightened up soon after.

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    Epcot is great park to be in on a rainy day if you choose to stay in the park because pretty much all of the attractions are inside and so many shops to choose from

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    Billie Jo Neal

    Great article! I always tell my friends not to fret over the rain because in Florida it normally rains every day at least once and then clears up. We always just stay in the park because so many other people leave and like you said it makes the lines shorter!

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    Melissa Murray Colburn

    I highly recommend Disney Quest if you have a gamer in the family. We stopped by after dinner at T-rex just on a whim and decided to splurge. My boys (10&3) both lover it so much that we will add the water parks and more option on our next trip!

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    Amy Morofski Gibson

    We have only been to WDW for one night before our last cruise and it was a monsoon…we still charged through till midnight going on everything that was open…it was a blast!

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    tracy p

    We totally braved the rain on our last trip! Fun fun fun!

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    Debbie R.

    We were at Disney two weeks ago and got caught in one of the little 15-minute downpours. We were at EPCOT. We went to China and my best friend and I browsed around the store while my husband took the kids to play at the Kidcot station. Then, we heard Mulan was coming over to the theater, so we went over to meet her. By then, the rain was gone (and so were a lot of people) so we resumed our stroll. I have seen the crowds thin considerably every time it rains, so it is worth finding a place to go. Last year, we were in Magic Kingdom when it rained, and we went on the People Mover until it stopped.

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