Disney World Play Areas: Animal Kingdom

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, a wonderfully themed play area is located in the DinoLand U.S.A. area.  Known as the”Boneyard,”potential paleontologists can play in an area filled with dinosaur discoveries.

With a sand pit filled with”fossils,” kids can dig, explore, and uncover bones from Wooly Mammoths to Triceratops.   The Boneyard Playground also has multi-level slides, tunnels, and other areas to climb and play.   The shaded sand pit area also offers benches and fans for adults to relax while their children burn off energy in the “no-stick” sand.  There are also many other hidden areas, such as bones that open doors, or even a “xylobone” that plays music!

For kids that need to simply run around and burn off steam, Animal Kingdom has several walkways for kids to run around and explore, learning about different animals on the way.  A personal favorite area is Rafiki’s Conservation Station.  A short train ride away from the entrance to the Kilimanjaro Safari, the conservation station has an outdoor petting zoo-type area, as well as an indoor area filled with characters to meet and greet and other animals to learn about and even see up close.   And, for the adults who want to keep searching while their children are learning, there are over 100 hidden mickey’s at the Conservation Station to discover during your stay.

Photo credit Walt Disney Co


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