Disney Confidential – Disney drops Seal Team 6, Oz gets release date, and more

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Disney has penciled in Oz: The Great and Powerful for a March 8th, 2013 release date. That should give Disney enough time to hire a whole other cast for this film atleast 2 more times.

More Disney Movie News..

John Carter of Mars is now just John Carter? Written with Michael Chabon and directed by Andrew Stanton, John Carter is based on the classic sci-fi character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs who appeared in the author’s 11-volume  Martian series of books. The story centers around a Civil War veteran who finds himself granted super-human strength and agility after being mysteriously transported to Mars, which is itself in the midst of a devastating civil war between the Red and Green Martians.

I have a feeling this movie is going the same route as Mars Needs Moms. Disney what is it with all these Mars Movies? You trying to tell us something?


You remember last week when Disney filed the paperwork for Seal Team 6? The Navy responded to Disney’s actions by filing their own trademark paper for the terms ‘SEAL Team’ and ‘Navy SEALs’ on May 13 in order to protect itself.

The Navy claimed in the filing that the phrases denote “membership in an organization of the Department of the Navy that develops and executes military missions involving special operations strategy, doctrine, and tactics.”

Disney officials said they withdrew their trademark paperwork in deference to the Navy.

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