Disney World Gossip Roundup – Magic Bands, Rapid Refill, and Resort Fridges

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Hiya!! I have been a busy little bee lately, getting all the best gossip for you. I have quite a bit of gossip for you today, but who doesn’t love some good Disney World gossip right? Chippy might get jealous that I know more gossip than him so remember you didn’t hear it from me.

I know a lot of people have been looking forward to the Magicbands, well I have some great news for you. It seems as though Magicbands will be rolled out at the Port Orleans Riverside resort as of September 3. It is technically classified as a test but I was told there is no end date so the consensus is that this will be permanent. French quarter will roll out the Magicbands a few months after Riverside. A full roll out of the Magicbands will be available to every resort guest by the end of the year. I know I can’t wait for the Magicbands!!

For those of you concerned about using the band, you don’t have to wear the band if you choose not to. You can choose and RFID card instead. If you do pick the Magicband you will still be issued a Key to the World card as a back up. 

On to the next hot button topic, the Rapid fill mugs. The machines are already installed in all resorts and will be in use by the end of this month. The mugs can be used at any resort quick service restaurant. The new mugs will not be able to be used again at any future resort stays, you will have to buy a new one.

The design on the mug is still the same but there are some new colors added: black, orange, green, pink, purple, yellow, and teal.

There will now be tiered pricing for the mugs. You can buy a mug for your length of stay. The mugs will still be included in the dining plan. 

A little tip: On the mug pricing, a day is not a 24 hour period, it is a calendar day!

I have an update on the resort room fridges. They are installing new ones as we speak. I have heard that a few resorts are half way done. All medical requests are being filled. Of course Disney will accommodate you as best they can, isn’t that one reason why we love them? All the fridges are supposed to be replaced by the end of the year.

I am on a roll today! Not sure if you heard but the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade is ending in December. It will be replaced by the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade will now run at regular park hours during Christmas time, and they say that the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade will be ending the week before Christmas.

The new Festival of Fantasy parade will not begin until March of next year, so there will be a few months where there will be no afternoon parade.

Whew that was a lot!!!! I need a nap.



10 thoughts on “Disney World Gossip Roundup – Magic Bands, Rapid Refill, and Resort Fridges

  1. We are staying at POR starting 9/2 and I have my disney experience updated and have heard nothing…is it really one day too early??

  2. So if you are staying at the Port Orleans Riverside in October, is it safe to assume you will be part of the Magic Band testing?

  3. Yes you have. It may mean you don’t have your hotel reservation on your mydisneyexperience website. You must have those details in the system to allow customisation as you are well under the 30 days. You may have an email so check your spam.

  4. How do you know if you get selected as a tester, or if you will have the option of choosing to use it or not? I am going in Nov. for the first time since I was younger and my parents were in charge of planning ha! I am just trying to get everything figured out for this upcoming trip.

  5. We haven’t been selected for testers for the magic bands but we will be staying at port orleans riverside as of sept. 7th….I wonder if we will be able to get these. I hope so I’m really wanting to try out the magic bands.

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