Disney World Dining – Be Our Guest Restaurant which is better Lunch or Dinner?

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Since the restaurant opened in 2012 – Be Our Guest has seemingly remained booked solid since the Grand Opening and continues with no end in site as the restaurant inches near it’s second year anniversary this December. Be Our Guest (BOG) is currently standing tall as one of the most difficult restaurants to reserve Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR) on Disney World property. I have seen countless guests turned away at the gates attempting to ‘walk-in’ to this illusive dining experience, but ADR’s can be stressful and almost impossible to get. So if you are still searching for that ADR for Be Our Guest, you are not alone! However, you may be aware that Disney offers a tempting alternative with a Quick Service option of this restaurant which allows guests to experience Disney’s most Enchanting dining experience for Lunch even when ADRs cannot be found, but what is the difference between the two options? Both Lunch and Dinner offers their own perks and disadvantages so you may be wondering, “Am I really missing out if I choose to dine during The Quick Service Lunch instead of Dinner?”.

Did you know?

Be Our Guest (BOG) is the only dining location on Disney Property that offers a FastPass+ Dining option and they do this for good reason – This restaurant is so incredibly difficult to book that Disney created this FP+ option to help downsize crowds and wait-times but YES there is a catch – This FP+ option is available by invitation only and the invitation is randomly issued to various Guests staying on Disney Property. So it’s no secret that the lucky guests to receive this invitation feel much like they have found the Golden Ticket! Receiving the BOG FP+ invitation allows you to be escorted upon your arrival, to walk with pride past the endless Quick Service Stand-By line, instantly skipping the wait, and ushering you directly through, where you can then place your Lunch order with the help of a little Disney Magic. Talk about your VIP treatment!

If you do not have a BOG FP+ invitation: Don’t fret! It’s not impossible to get a table during Quick Service hours but it can take a little extra effort, if you are not prepared. The BOG Quick Service line can get quite long but not unbearable if you know what to expect.

If you do have a BOG FP+ invitation: Then by all means – use it to your advantage! You might like to know that the difference between the Lunch and Dinner service – is not as different as you may think!

Choosing the dining experience that is right for you and your family can be a difficult task, but we have a pro’s and con’s list to better help you make that selection. For more detailed information on the comparison to help you decided if you should skip the ADRs and take the Lunch option instead.

BOG – Quick Service Breakdown

Lunch is served from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Seating is limited and is available on a first-come-first-served basis, so I would recommend that guests interested in finding a table during Be Our Guests’ Quick Service hours (considering that crowd levels are on average) guest should be lined up at Beast’s Castle no later than 10:00AM. The lines will only grow throughout the day so get in line early for a better chance and less wait!

Tips for waiting in the BOG Stand-By Line:
Like all Stand-By lines in Disney the wait times can get long so bring something to help you pass the time while you’re waiting. This is a great time to pull out the Smart Phone or Tablet and look up the BOG Menu and Pre-Select your lunch order for each member of your family. This would also be a great time to use the My Disney Experience App to get a head-start on planning the rest of your day, checking wait-times, FastPass+ options and more.

Don’t Get Discouraged: Although the line looks long, no worries! The BOG line usually looks a lot worse than it really is. From my experience the line moves fairly quickly and Disney does an amazing job taking care of their guests in the meantime.

Stay Hydrated: The Cast Members at Be Our Guest usually offer water to Guests waiting in line for BOG Quick Service tables on hot days but be sure to bring a cold drink or bottled water because like all Stand-By Lines at the parks, it maybe be a little longer than expected to get inside and out of that hot sun.

Bring an Umbrella: There is no covering or overhead shade from the sun on Beast’s Castle Bridge (The location of the BOG Stand-By line) again you may be standing for awhile and Florida can get unbearably hot when shade is not available during those Summer months, so an umbrella can offer a much needed break from that hot Orlando sun!


Be Our Guest Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest – Lunch vs. Dinner Pros and Cons

Quick Service (Lunch) –


  • Quick Service Lunch offers many of the same items found during Dinner so if you’re craving Be Our Guests’ Braised Pork or Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes, you’re in luck! Both of those options are also offered on the lunch menu along with many others.
  • Mrs. Potts has insisted that you’ll dine like royalty, with real china and flatware rather than the usual theme park throw-away plates and cutlery.
  • You personally select your dining room. Would you rather dine in the West Wing, Rose Gallery, or the Ballroom? During Lunch you can pick your seat in the room that suits you best.
  • Food is less pricey during lunch hours. Food may be slightly smaller portioned but the portions are very large for lunch and still gives you a unique opportunity to have an amazing dining experience and taste the wonder that is French Cuisine.
  • Enchanted Experience. Upon arrival you are whisked away into the Library to place your order at a touch-screen terminal where you are then handed an Enchanted Rose (Or use your MagicBand). After choosing your seats from one of 3 breathtaking dining rooms, Mrs.Potts will magically located your table and send the food right out to you from start to finish.
  • Free Refills. The drink options are self service during Quick Service hours allowing you to refill that drink before you head out back out to the parks!
  • Quick Service is just that – really quick! This allows you to enjoy your lunch but for not quite as long so you can get back to the Parks, shows and rides quicker.



  • Waiting outside in the sun for a table. Wait-time is usually 30 minutes to an hour for a table and you’re standing mostly outside in the heat.
  • Beast is not available for Meet-and-Greet opportunity during Lunch hours.
  • Less food selection on the Quick Service Menu. Many of the same items just less to select from.
  • Slightly smaller portions. Again many of the same offerings but in a more lunch sized portion.
  • If you’re not careful with selecting your dining time you could miss the 3:00 parade.

Table Service (Dinner) –


  • First class service – During Dinner hours the dining experience just feels more magical and the Cast Members can really take the time out to cater directly to you and your table.
  • Meet the Beast! This is a rare character experience during Dinner hours only and exclusive to Guests dining at BOG. You can take photos only though, no autographs please.
  • You may catch a rare glimpse of Belle herself waltzing around the dance floor with her Enchanted Prince while you dine.
  • Dinner offers slightly larger food portions and a larger Menu Selection compared to Lunch Menu.
  • Taking time out to enjoy the scenery. Though a table service during dinner may take a little more time than a Quick Service meal, taking time to relax and enjoy is what a vacation is all about.
  • This Table Service Location only requires 1 Table Service Credit Per Person, Per Meal when using the Disney Dining Plan.



  • ADR Can be hard if not impossible to get!
  • Food is can be more pricey during Dinner Service and only a slightly larger portion.
  • If you’re not careful with your Dinner Reservation times, you could miss a parade or the fireworks.
  • Table Service can take a little longer than a Quick Service cutting into ride times if this is a priority.
  • Walking up to try your luck for a seat is probably not going to happen.

Before making your select between the two dining experience, I do encourage you to compare menu selections before deciding on particular dining opportunity. For Lunch Menu click HERE and for Dinner Menu click HERE.


Cupcakes Available at Be Our Guest


Both BOG Lunch and Dinner options offer their share of perks and allow you to dine like royalty in a breathtaking storybook castle that offers ‘a Culinary Cabaret’ of French inspired dishes from start to finish. Equally both Lunch and Dinner options offer dining experiences that will allow you an opportunity to explore the uniquely themed rooms for a quick photo or even a glimpse of the Enchanted Rose itself. (Just don’t let the Beast catch you!) Both dining experiences offer an enchanting meal and difficult to get reservations/fasspass+ but each well worth every effort. Who would pass up the chance to experience a tale as old as time as you fall in love with this unique and stunning dining experience you won’t soon forget!

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! – Yes ‘Try The Grey Stuff’ it IS delicious but the cupcakes and cream puffs are no joke either!

This year for an extra special experience Be Our Guest offers dining opportunities on both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Availability is limited. Dining events are subject to change or cancellation without notice.


Have you had the opportunity to eat at Be Our Guest? If so what was your favorite dish? Would you do it again? Leave us a comment below we love to hear from you!



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11 thoughts on “Disney World Dining – Be Our Guest Restaurant which is better Lunch or Dinner?

  1. I was there with 2 friends in March without an ADR. We were able to get in for dinner after only about a 40 minute wait. We were told it would be 2 hours, so we were thrilled to get a table in the Rose Gallery!

  2. This past Spring, my daughter and I were lucky enough to get an ADR, and then were chosen for a fast-pass for lunch. We therefore ate there twice. We enjoyed the dinner very much. The food was good, the atmosphere was pleasant and she loved getting her picture with the Beast. For lunch, we were very disappointed. Food options were few, we did not get a rose for our table for the “magical” food appearance we kept hearing about, and taste of food we were disappointed in as well. They were so busy too, it felt like we were being rushed out of our table as well. We will stick to the dinner if we can get the ADR- we won’t be back for lunch.

  3. We got a FP+ invite in February for BOG. It was so easy and stress free!! The food was good. The desserts beautiful and delious. The cast members were wonderful. We walked around after we ate to see the other dinning areas. The decor is amazing. We felt like royality. This is truly a magical experience is you can get into BOG!!

  4. I was lucky enough to get a dinner reservation and then a FP+ invite so we did both. (We went in February so I’m sure that is why it was easier for me to get ADR). Personally, I enjoyed dinner better. The food was fabulous. The food at lunch was eh. Both times we had fabulous service though.

  5. Closer to 30 days out of our arrival. We arrive on Saturday, the 9th and leave on the 15th. I received the email invite on Jul 15.

  6. When did you receive the email invite for the Fastpass+? Soon after your Fastpass+ window opened?

  7. We were one of the lucky ones that got the fast pass for lunch last year and lunch was only a quick service credit. I don’t know if they changed it for 2014, but we only had quick service dining plan and were able to use it. BTW best quick service experience in the parks.

  8. Lunch better be a QS. I received the email invite for lunch Fasspass+ reservation and I’ve booked all our table service meals. We’ll be dining there Sunday! Also, we had the option to choose our meal at the reservation, so we’ll be taken right to our seats when we arrive. Another thing to note: The FassPass+ lunch does not show up on your MyDisneyExperience. It wasn’t under my FP reservations or dining, so I called freaking out. The CM checked for me, and came back and said that since its not really either, it isn’t tracked. She assured me that if I placed the reservation, it was there.

  9. Are you sure they only take table service credits during lunch? I’m looking at the quick service dining plan pamphlet and Be Our Guest is listed as a QS meal location for lunch.

  10. Is lunch at Be our guest really a table service credit?! The 2014 dining brochure lists lunch as a quick service credit and I’ve never heard mention of them charging as a table service credit before

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