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    Ohhhhhhhhhh, Please. Let this be a joke. My family ends EVERY vacation at Magic Kingdom for this Disney tradition. Tears from all,,, but we “Wish” to return and it works. Has to be April Fools. *0*

  2. 26


    They outbid Walmart 😉

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    Haha, yeah I was totally buying at first it until I got to the line “This new show is a salute to all nations but mostly America” (Stolen from Muppets 3D, if I’m not mistaken) and then I realized it was actually posted today …Hadn’t been on here in a few days 🙂

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    Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    and the “sucks for you” so caring. I’ll be sure to tell the nursing staff here, thanks!

  5. 23

    Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    when you keep something going you jumped on that meant something to someone don’t expect them to be nice is all, like queen elsa said best, let it go.

  6. 22


    This wasn’t some personal attack on a sensitive subject, its an APRIL FOOLS JOKE about a FIREWORKS SHOW.

    What on earth could anyone be “going through” that is relevant to the post or my comment? Having a bad day? Okay, that sucks for you. Sorry to hear it, but it has nothing to do with this.

  7. 21

    Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    You never know what a person is actually going through, so it’s best not to assume.

  8. 20

    Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    Well, now you know how it feels. I don’t keep fires burning, out.

  9. 19


    Wow, oversensitive and rude much?

    Not my fault you can’t take a joke.

  10. 18


    This is a joke or official that Disney world Cancel wishes?

  11. 17

    Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    I don’t “Not” trust the source , I love Chip! I know what the H today is Woman. I’ve had a few played on me already. Hi internet know it all. Are you happy, do you feel better. Get a job, hobby, or both.

  12. 16

    Chip C

    Wakka Wakka Wakka!

  13. 15


    I get falling for this if there weren’t any other comments… but its clearly been called out as an April Fools joke.

    Happy “don’t believe a thing you read on the internet” day!

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    Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    I’m sad a firearm company is replacing a wonderful show that actually brought happy tears, and got every one excited. it made you reflect on your day at the park, for me it was magic alone with my two girls and soaking up memories during that show, it was the hang on thru the tantrums till the end of the day magical show. very sad.

  15. 13


    hahahah they had me, thanks for some pointing this out. I was like Sam Eagle?!?!??! What tha?!?!?!

  16. 12


    Check your calendar…

  17. 11


    You had me going until I saw Muppets. Then when it was sponsored by Glock, LOL!

  18. 10

    Alisha T.

    You got me. I freaked out and started texting / calling everyone I knew would care. Bazinga!

  19. 9

    Sharon Marrin Riebel

    “Wishes has to be Disney’s least favorite Fireworks Presentation according to some Disney Addicts.” That’s a good one! This is actually one of the funnier ones I’ve seen today, thanks for the chuckle.

  20. 8

    Carla Dunn Stotts

    And the Seven Dwarfs Mine ride is opening today! :0)

  21. 7


    I know what day it is – and I still fell for it!

  22. 6


    ah yes, the inevitable protests from people who actually think this is real and didn’t bother to look at a calendar today…

  23. 5

    Cindy Cramer West

    The entire time I was reading this post my thought was ” April Fools… April Fools.. PLEASE be April Fools!!” Jokes are fine… but this one is just cruel 😉

  24. 4


    April fools day is awesome. A fireworks show sponsored by Glock at WDW.:-) Epic funny. But I do think Sam the Eagle would be a perfect emcee for any fireworks show.

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  26. 2

    Theresa Barnett

    I will be truly sad to see it go. We always would stop what we were doing and all meet up to watch wishes as a family. It will not be the same. =(

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    I loved wishes! After all, isn’t Disney all about making wishes and having them come true? The muppets are hardly representative of Disney. I think they are kind of crude! JMO

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