Disney World Annual Passholder Glitch charges guests for multiple months

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Disney World Annual Passholder Glitch charges guests for multiple months

Disney World Annual Passholders awoke to a surprise this morning, myself included… They awoke to multiple month charges on their accounts unexpectedly. Some AP’s were charged anywhere from 1-4 months at once, I was hit up for 2 months worth of charges.

Reports online are stating that it is a computer glitch, one that Disney is working on correcting now. Guests are being notified when they call in that Disney is aware of the issue and they are in the process of offering refunds for those who were charged.

Disney released the following statement on the computer glitch:

“Passholders on the monthly payment program were incorrectly charged today. We are in the process of reversing these charges and apologize for the inconvenience this caused.”

Many Annual Passholders who were already upset over not being able to book a reservation for the AP Preview this is just icing on the cake for them… I am glad Disney is working on the issue and is attempting to make it right!

Were you charged with multiple months’ payments today?

Let us know in the comment box below…

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50 thoughts on “Disney World Annual Passholder Glitch charges guests for multiple months

  1. Both my daughters were charged for more than four months neither one of them could afford that hopefully they fix this soon because other companies won’t be so patient waiting to be paid. My youngest has one dollar left in her account now she needs to go to work she needs gas in her car this is ridiculous

  2. Out for $440 and nothing to show for it. Four months of closure and not even getting a chance to get a “Reservation” for something we were supposed to be entitled to

  3. Yes charged for 4 months. I do not believe it was a glitch. This is how DW is going to recover some funds. They will be utilizing our Money over the long weekend within global banking and making millions on interest before our funds are returned. Was on the fence about canceling Pass now decision has been made.

  4. Glitch my aunt Fannie
    They knew Friday morning — our account was fine until after 8pm last night when it got hit for $603.80 and 301.40. Over $900. We are out of town to boot on a weekend camping trip — account has $12 in it ?!!! I was able to transfer funds but this is seriously beyond a oops just a glitch — as you can see here and elsewhere accounts were overdrawn – nsf fees charged – bills and checks not being paid . Disney you screwed up big time and yet no official apology email or mde notice apologizing and saying you will cover nsf fees etc .. just an official
    Statement “oops a glitch “

  5. Yes I was charged for 4 months! Now I’m not able to make my car payment. I’m glad they are working on it but it’s going to take at least a week to get back to our banks!

  6. $609 dollars… wiped my checking account and I have a special needs child (no I don’t get state assistance) so I’m hoping it’s cleared up soon.

  7. I’m in the negative..finally got back to work and was getting on my feet ..then this ..DISNEY YOU TRUELY SUCK ..AS SOON AS I GET A HUMAN I’m canceling my passes…this is not the time for error..how am I supposed to live with a negative account …who is paying the over draft fees Jerks !!!

  8. I was charged and it’s very frustrating because now I can’t pay my bills until the money returns to my account!!

  9. We were charged $750 which caused us to overdraft. Thankful for family who can help us out this holiday weekend. I’m glad we weren’t traveling!

  10. They hit me for $818.44. I pray they credit my bank account back quickly. What can someone do on a weekend to make your account right??? I just learned about this when reading a FB post. I went into my account and HEART ATTACK!!! When Disney discovered they had made a mistake, they could of at least tried to contact us. They have our email addresses. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in Disney who I have loved for so long. ☹️😡

  11. I was charged for 4 months over 800.00 left my bank account negative. This is unacceptable on a holiday weekend thank goodness I have another account.

  12. I got charged 4 months worth unexpectedly and not happy it drained all of my money!! I get we will get a refund but this is unacceptable!! How long is it going to take to get the refund back that’s the real question? And it happening on a holiday weekend, it could be days until we all get a refund! I feel bad for the people that don’t have jobs and had this happen to. There’s no point and complaining to the CMs they didn’t do this but it is very frustrating!!

  13. We were charged for 3 months! So were all of our friends, except 2 were charged for 4 months. I guess the difference in the number of months you were charged is April. We paid for April and didn’t receive the “refund” and our other 2 friends weren’t charged at all for April.. until now🤷🏼‍♀️ Let’s get it together Disney.

  14. I was charged for 4 months. Does anyone know when the credit is coming? Quite a kick to the gut this morning!

  15. My daughter who is waiting for 6 weeks of unemployment was charged over $200 instead of being refunded $70 – way to go Disney 🙁
    Now how long till they fix the problem and issue refunds???
    So much for being the happiest place on Earth 🙁🙁

  16. I got hit for almost $500 for 2 passes. Disney apologizing for it like it’s a simple thing is ridiculous. Thanks to them they overdrafted my account and took every penny I had. My bank cant do anything and even if I am sent the refund my bank has to accept it which can take 3-7 days. How is anyone supposed to pay bills and feed there family. Needless to say my passes have been requested to be canceled. They still haven’t provided the refund for my March payment either. Disney has really dropped the ball.

  17. I discovered I was charged $301… took me a while to find a working phone number. Finally I did reach someone who reassured me it was a glitch and they are working on refunding the money.

  18. I was charged 4 months worth!!! Calling now since I didn’t even realize it till I saw this article.

  19. disney hit me up for $605. this will cause other bills to bounce now. are they going to pay over draft for my bills that will pull from this account come monday. I don’t want to go back to disney now. all of this while i am applying for a mortgage and have to have inpecable credit and banking.

  20. So how will Disney compensate when this cost is money on Credit Cards….because of there glitch other bills are bouncing.

  21. Charged once $234 then an hour later another $206. Can’t get through on phone. Hope they refund as quick as they took it out!

  22. Charged 328.53 and don’t have extra money in the back . I can’t work so will cancel my passes until I can.

  23. Nearly $1000 was debited from our account today. We spent nearly 2 hours on hold with Disney only to be promptly disconnected at 4PM. You would think that with nearly 4 months of time to prepare for reopening, Disney could have their act together. Not everyone has an extra $1000 lying around that they can do without while Disney “fixes” the problem.

  24. charged for $542 at 3:28, so if this is a glitch and they were notified how come its continuing to occur. This is ridiculous.

  25. 3 different cards and got hit with a $300 bill on each one….total…..$900. Paying for the months that the park was closed..HUH?

  26. Yes, 4 months worth for 3 passes. It completely screwed our 4th of July plans, potentially will cause us to be late on other bills (if it isn’t refunded ASAP in the next couple days), and just seems like a completely inexcusable “glitch”. I don’t wanna be a Karen, but I feel like this is one of those major F ups where customers deserve some form of compensation. THANK GOD we were paid today and had the money to cover it. I’m sure a lot of people didn’t.

  27. $697.00. All I want to do is cancel my passes. Yet all I always get when calling the number is “all circuits are busy or busy tone”.

  28. They got me for $272.80! Glitch. Absolutely ridiculous! Park isn’t even open. Glad our passes are up in September. No plans to renew.

  29. I was charged today. It was frustrating, I will most likely cancel my pass and renew when it’s actually safe to go again.

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