Is Disney working on a Live Action The Little Mermaid?


There has been endless exciting news coming from Walt Disney Studios lately, including the recent announcement that Emma Stone will be playing “Cruella” in a live action movie about the villain. It has also been confirmed¬†that Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda will star in a “Mary Poppins” sequel directed by Rob Marshall.

And with “The Jungle Book” continuing to be a box office sensation, and the recently released teaser trailer for “Beauty and the Beast” being the most viewed teaser trailer of all time (with approx. 92 million views), it only makes sense that execs at Disney would start to brainstorm what their next big project will be.

One big Disney favorite beloved by millions that is now beginning to gain more consideration is a live action adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid.” Disney has already made almost every form of “The Little Mermaid” imaginable, in addition to the animated classic they’ve produced a mini stage show at Walt Disney World, created a dark ride at some Disney parks about the story, and it has even been on Broadway. Next weekend at the Hollywood Bowl there will also be a special live “Little Mermaid” concert featuring Rebel Wilson and Sara Bareilles; the fandom for “The Little Mermaid” is still going strong 27 years after its original release.

According to a Deadline exclusive, Disney production chiefs have been mulling over a script that contains a different take on “The Little Mermaid” story, and is currently being evaluated on whether or not they should proceed to produce the script.

Seeing how wonderfully done the live action Disney princess movie “Cinderella” was, I would definitely be on board to see Ariel’s story brought to the big screen again in a different light.

Do you think “The Little Mermaid” should be added to the Disney live action fairy tale line-up? Is there a Disney classic not yet on the slate that you would want to see?


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