Wicked Cool Disney Villains Inspired Best Day Ever Tee

Disney Villains Inspired Best Day Ever Tee

Every day at Disney is as Rapunzel says the “Best Day Ever”! As a huge fan of Disney Villains, and Rapunzel being my favorite princess, I may have just found a new favorite shirt! The newest shirt from Once Upon a Tee Shirt at Etsy is this wicked amazing Disney Villains Inspired Best Day Ever Tee!

Once Upon a Tee Shirt does very cute, and clever tees! Their shirts are totally original, and every design has been hand drawn. The villains tee is inspired by three very popular villainous ladies; Maleficent, the Evil Queen, and Ursula. Each of the three words is dedicated to one of these vixens. The “BEST” features black and purple letters covered in thorns, and is topped with Mal’s signature horns, and flanked by her dragon form. “DAY” is evoking the Evil Queen’s signature poison apple essence with red dripping letters, and the green potion oozing over. “EVER” finishes the quote with some serious Ursula vibes written out in a curling tentacle font.

This too cool for heroes design is on a soft purple tee, and ready to have the most evil best day ever!

You can check out this new tee and some of their other adorably clever designs below, the “All That and a Bag of Chips” is a personal favorite of mine as well.

Would you rock this Disney Villains Inspired Best Day Ever Tee?

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