Disney Villains Who Deserve to Have Their Own Movies

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Getting to see this famous villain’s history and motivation definitely sparked my appetite for more villain action, live action that is! With this new found inspiration it was time to put together a Top 10 of Disney villains that need their own live action movies, and who could bring them to life.


10. Cruella Deville

Sure she had a live action counterpart in the 101 Dalmations live action movie, but what made her the high fashion diva we know today? I wonder what drove her to become such a slave to fashion.

My choice to play this devilish fashionista is none other than timeless fashion icon, Jessica Lang. She can pull off high fashion dresses like a runway model, and has a flawless ability to deliver cruelty through her characters on screen.


9. Mother Gothel

She’s rather new on the Disney scene, but you can’t deny her wickedness. We know she had been using the magical golden flower to stay young long before Rapunzel ever came around. One has to wonder what was she doing all those years, where did she come from, and even better how did she learn to use the flower’s magic?

I can’t think of anyone better to play her than Helena Bonham Carter. Not only can Carter rock a head of curls like no other, she’s fabulous at getting in touch with her villainous side. She also has a soft side that could maybe give us some empathy into Gothel before she turned bad.



8. Doctor Facilier

He’s unapologetic-ally ambitious, and has friends with the other side. He’s suave, charming, and cunning all in one. One has to wonder how he got so chummy with his otherworldly friends. There’s a few hints at the life Facilier came from, but we never get to see who he really is.

Jamie Foxx has proven himself to give himself completely to a role, which I think would give lots of layers to our master of Voodoo.  Foxx is also dripping with charm and charisma, which is what this character needs to come alive.



7. Gaston

Our favorite pretty boy we love to hate! Gaston sure seems to hold a lot of clout in their small provincial town, so he has to have some history there. A look into his back story could reveal how he became such a proud and self righteous man, who doesn’t handle rejection very well!

For Gaston you need rippling biceps, and someone that isn’t afraid to be proud. Chris Hemsworth has biceps to spare, and can really work a smolder. Chris has shown us in Thor that he is more than capable at playing a Proud headstrong man, who in the beginning acts without thinking about the consequences. I don’t think Chris Hemsworth has ever had to face rejection like Gaston, but I’m confident he can pull it off.




6. Captain Hook

Yes, Hook had a movie titled after him, but let’s be honest that was more about Peter getting old, than it really was about Captain Hook. There are so many things to explore with Captain Hook, for starters we could learn how he got to Neverland in the first place. Pirates are known for their greed, but there had to have been a time before he was a sneaky snook.

Sean Penn perfectly captures the debonair feel of a pirate. Penn is known for really immersing himself into a role, and playing a wide variety of characters. I can’t think of anyone better than him to really unleash the villain, while still being able to give us the laughs we’ve come to love from our Captain. Now the only question is, who would be his Mr. Smee?




5. Jafar

I have always wondered about Jafar’s past.  He’s so mysterious, and yet he had quite the high position in Agrabah. There’s a story buried deep in the sands of Jafar’s history, and I for one think it would be a hit on the big screen.

Oded Fehr has an enigmatic energy about him that I think would really spotlight Jafar’s story. Plus, he already has experience with sidekick birds, and sand scenes from when he was in The Mummy!




4. The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts has had her fair share of movie spots, but never any that focus on her. It’s always about that pretty girl Alice. We know she’s boisterous, uppity, and pretty grouchy about her garden, but we really don’t know much more than that.

Melissa McCarthy is the first person that came to mind for me. She is great at physical comedy, and has no shame in being loud and obnoxious. I can already see her shouting “OFF WITH HER HEAD” while doing the signature hand gesture with it.




3. Hades

King of the Underworld, Hades is one fiery villain. He never seems to run out of one liners, and can always find that perfect snide comment at the right moment. He’s definitely got a hot temper, and you never know when it’s going to burst into flame. It’d be an interesting glimpse to see Hades and his time spent in the underworld.

Louis CK is a comic who knows his one liners, and always has something witty to say. He also has a great transition from laughing to “straight” face that would be great at showing Hades’ fiery temper.




2. The Evil Queen

Not many are more evil that Snow White’s wicked stepmother, The Evil Queen. But might she just be misunderstood? Then again maybe she is purely wicked. A feature on how she managed to become queen, or even how she learned magic sounds as sweet as apple pie to me.

Lena Headey has already proven to us she can play an evil and conniving queen. I bet she would bring a whole new reflection on our original animated movie villain.




1. Ursula

Last but not least, the sea witch herself Ursula. We know there is a history with her and King Trident, and I’ve always wanted to know what went on between them. We’ve even gotten Ariel’s back story, but no mention of why Ursula became exiled or where she came from before. She also has a sister named Morgana, I wonder what it was like with those 2 growing up together.

Roseanne Bar has a tongue that can lash, and isn’t afraid to strike a pose. I could easily see her luring unsuspecting mermaids into shady deals that deliver false promises. Not only is she great at really displaying expressions, she really pulls off those silver locks.


Is there any other villains you would like to see on the Big Screen?


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  1. i like the idea of a movie for cruella, but you really HAVE to have glenn close, considering she did the live action version already. it would be impossible to see anyone else playing her, and with makeup and wigs you can make her look younger with ease.

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