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  1. 14


    DVC at Poly could be so cool! It is such a different feel than the other DVCs at WDW.

  2. 13

    Melanie Davis

    The Poly is our home away from home. I dont know about redoing the whole GCH and taking out the flower and rock center piece. My family takes a picture in front of that beautiful setting every year when we go and its so cool to see how we all have grown from the previous years. I hope they can keep the theme of the original poly with some new updates, but not turn it into the new Aulani.

  3. 12


    This makes becoming a DVC member even more tempting. My good friends have been trying to get me to join for years!

  4. 11

    Christian Eissele

    Yesssss. I’ve never stayed at the Polynesian b/c of the lack of DVC. Now I’m excited!!! (Although I agree with Beka…I love watching Wishes from the beach)

  5. 10


    You bet – I’m all for it!

  6. 9

    Erica Barthel

    I’m thinking adding on some points will be in my future 🙂

  7. 8

    Shani King

    Yay!!!! Being a DVC member, I’m super excited about this!!!!

  8. 7

    Beka Caudill

    I think it’ll be fun to stay at, but aren’t they in need of rehab at the main resort? Or still in the process? If they build out over the water, where will people watch Wishes if it takes up the beach? I’m a little torn in that respect. Let’s hope it inspires them to open another delicious restaurant!

  9. 6

    Ron Zinke

    I would think that you will not heard anything until after GF DVC is finished.

  10. 5

    Tonya Olson

    Very pretty resort!

  11. 4

    Susan Walz Strange

    I hope this is true! My family and I have been waiting for this for a long time!

  12. 3

    Ron Zinke

    This is the dvc that we are waiting to use.

  13. 1

    Alfred Menna

    its fine they want to add dvc rooms but what about new attractions to bring people into Disney and stay in the world like redo of imaginations in epcot

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