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    Muriel Essary

    I hope they include some “kid friendly” restaurants. Since McDonalds closed in Marketplace, there is no where to take the kids for a quick (inexpensive) meal except maybe Earl of Sandwich, and it’s always crowded. Guest visiting the West Side don’t really have anywhere to take the kids to eat.

  2. 2

    Nancy B

    Get rid of Avatar Land, who cares about it anymore. Expand Star Wars at Hollywood Studios since Disney just bought them.

  3. 1

    Rebecca Giarratano Ward

    I think they should use that money to do some improvements at Hollywood Studios and/or Animal Kingdom. I much prefer that they revisit the “Beastly Kingdom” instead of an Avatar Land as well – I just feel like when they start bringing in franchises like that it takes away from the Disney Brand.

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