Disney Tsumprise Series 7 Tsum Tsum Figure Packs

Tsumprise Series 7

There was lots of fabulous Tsum Tsum reveals at this year’s D23 Expo, including the mysterious new Tsumprise Series 7 figure packs. These vinyl Tsum Tsum figure packs are a fun assortment of characters, and each pack contains a mystery pack that contained not only a hidden figure, but a hidden amount of them!

Collect, stack and display your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum characters! Each collectible set includes 2 medium Tsum Tsum Figures, 1 Tsumprise and 1 collector’s guide. The Tsumprise includes 1, 2 or 3 small Tsum Tsum Figures. How many will you get? You may even find an ultra-super lucky black and white or gold figure hiding in your pack! Track your collection with the included Series 7 collector’s guide and find all of the “common, lucky, super lucky and ultra-super lucky” Disney Tsum Tsum characters to complete your adorable assortment! There are 10 different sets to collect in all!

Which Tsumprise Series 7 set do you hope to collect? I think I want to get the style that has Maleficent in it first!

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