Disney to Advise Florida in the Reopening of Businesses

Cinderella's Castle

Orange county is looking forward to welcoming patrons back to its establishments. Mayor Jerry Demings is taking steps towards reopening some small businesses as the coronavirus wave begins to recede. He announced on April 15th that his plans include assembling an economic exploration team of business leaders, perhaps up to 45 people. Small businesses included in the soft open will include places such as professional services and hair salons. The mayor also mentioned theme parks in his announcement. Could this mean hope for a Walt Disney World reopening?

The Walt Disney Company will actually be a big part of the discussions surrounding reopening businesses in Orange County. Because of their experiences dealing with the aftermath of the coronavirus in Asia, where the virus surged before it did so in America, they have valuable input about proceeding safely. Disney parks have been closed worldwide due to the spread of COVID-19, the first ones closed being Hong Kong and Shanghai back in January. Shanghai Disneyland has attempted a phased reopening as the pandemic has improved in China.

More of Mayor Demings plans surrounding businesses reopening are expected to be unveiled on the 17th of April. Many people have questions about their livelihoods and ability to frequent usual haunts. Hopefully, the Mayor will be able to continue to provide Floridians with positive and decisive information at a time that we have more questions than answers. And hopefully, the ”soon” in ”see ya real soon” begins to seem more tangible.

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Allison Luna